BMC MCCI vs Roksan Reference DXP SE

Recently I sold my speakers so I have some funds for a phono stage. If the girlfriend allows it. Right now the two contenders are a:
Roksan Reference DXP SE

Both are for sale now for the same price. The Roksan is a demo unit the BMC is 2nd hand.

Has anyone compared these two. I know the Roksan has proven to be a good phono stage, while the BMC is relative new. Also the BMC has XLR inputs only. But I really like the idea of the BMC. For info about the rest of the system see "my system".
The BMC MCCI requires no loading, but does require balanced inputs. It is exceptional. I should say, however, that I have never heard the Roksan.
I agree with Tbg. I have the MCCI, and I think it's fantastic. Although I've never heard the Roksan, I have heard the following in my system:

Ray Samuels Nighthawk
Linn Uphorik
Sutherland Ph3D
Musical Fidelity M1 ViNL
Sanders Sound Systems
Herron VTPH-2

Of the above group, I liked the Herron best, followed by the Sanders. However, the BMC bests them all (to my ears).
Well it is all bit moot now. I did compare the Roksan to the RCM and the RCM won. But I could have lived with either. I never came across a BMC for a decent price.