BluSound Node and Node 2

The purpose of this post is to make everyone aware and think twice before buying BluSound Node / Node 2.

Blusound's customer service is the worst I have ever experienced. As far as sound goes it's decent for the price. Are there better-sounding streaming dacs? Absolutely. I'd spend extra 300 / 400 dollars and get something more reliable vs wasting $549. 


Six months after buying my 1st node it failed. It would play songs from the middle and only for 30 seconds and then skip to a random song regardless of what service I used. There are numerous blogs that talk about this same exact problem. It happens if you are streaming locally from your NAS or directly from quboz or deezer. You guys can google this issue. 


After several failed attempts with customer service, I sold the device for $75 and bought node 2. I was told by blusound that they have fixed the bugs in node 2 and it sounds way better.

Well there is no difference in sound between node 1 and node 2 and my node 2 failed within 3 months of purchase. After 2 weeks worth of back and forth with blusound tech support and 20 emails from them telling me to reboot / reindex / factory reset my device I was told today that they will take a look at the logs and get back to me. 

Its possible that blusound node owners have owned their devices for years without any problems but it looks like songs skipping and starting from the middle and stopping randomly is a well know issue with the device. 

My suggestion is to look at other brands, spend a little more in order to avoid wasting your $549. 

Im thinking of either getting a used Lumin d2 or the simaudio 280d. 


my system:

Simaudio 340i with builtin dac [2019]

Dynaudio C20

2x REL T9is



What really does it for me with the NODE 130 is the bluos app for my android phone is an abolutely terrific app. Since that's the only way I ever want to use my streamer, with my android phone as a remote (no cumbersome laptop), there is nothing out there at this time that can rival the reliability of the bluos/android phone combo. A look at reviews of the various streaming apps will easily confirm that. So, in my case, investing to improve the NODE sound makes so much more sense than buying a "better" streamer. And invest I have. Just check it out in my system. Great sound improving daily as components break-in. Enjoy the journey.

I've been using 2 Bluesound Node 2i's for a couple of years now.  One in my whole house system with an ethernet connection (BS + OSD MI5 Amp+ Russound x5 Distribution amp) which feeds the multi-room speakers and outdoor music  and the other wireless in my main system with the BS out to a Schitt Gumby. I have since changed-out/upgraded both Nodes with new power supplies from  whic really kicked both systems into another gear.  Solid performers both.  I have a rich soundstage and depth in the main room (Maggie 1.7i's). I've never had to really contact BS but have accessed their trouble-shooting webpage for minor setup instructions. Sorry to hear you have had a rough time. But for me, I will likely keep both BS for awhile before upgrading (Denafrips probably).  Good luck!

Thanks to the OP for the post. I had been considering a Node but based on the information in this thread I'll probably go another direction.

Regarding the high rating on Amazon, I take that with a grain of salt because most people leave their rating fairly soon after receiving and installing their product. It it tends to work OK for the first few months and then breaks down very few people go back and leave another rating.

I don't know what percentage of Nodes are failing but apparently it's enough so that there are known issues. It doesn't appear that Bluesound is taking it seriously as far as I can tell.

The biggest issue to me is the poor customer service. If the unit is not functioning properly it should be replaced with a new unit. It's probably unusual that the OP got two defective units in a row but odds are it's going to happen once in a while.

I always take complaints about a particular product with a healthy dose of skepticism but this one seems to have good credibility.

This is for the ones who are sticking to their NODE 130: There is a brand new update avaliable. Just installed it. Incredibly enough, the sound improvement is absolutely significant. It exhibits much more space, even going further outside the speakers and better filling the entire front wall. All while even becoming lighter on its feet. I'm floored.


I’m keeping mine for now.  I just downloaded the upgrade and it went well.  A prior upgrade bricked my player.  The fix was to load the upgrade from a usb stick. Your post gave me courage.  Haven’t tried it for sound yet.  Multi use room.