Blus stickers above my tweeters?

This may seem like a stupid question but here it goes....

My Totem Acoustic Sttaf speakers came with blue stickers (little dots about the size of a normal screw head) just above the tweaters on the flat surface. They don't appear to be covering anything, just stuck onto the top portion of the tweeter.

Can I take them off? Or does this mark something that will affect my possible future resale of these? I believe these are dynaudio tweeters and I dont know if the stikers are put on by them, totem, or the resellers.

I know Marigo made tuning dots for speakers, but I don't think they came in blue. Check out their website and see if that's what they could be.
I too have a pair of Sttaf's that came with them. A while back I got a chance to meet with and speak to Vince Bruzzese of Totem Acoustic a little while back and I asked him the same question. His reply was they do serve a sonic purpose (that I did not notice) but he told me that if they really bothered me that much(which they did), go ahead and remove them. So all I did after I took them off is stuck them on the back of the cabinet(just incase I have to send them in for any reapirs. At least that way they'll know which tweeters were used for my paticular speakers.