BluRay Player Recommendation

I would like to advice regarding bluray player recommendation. I have been looking at the Oppo 93 based on the previous model and all of the reviews are fantastic.

However, I am not sure if I need or will notice the quality. We will using it primarily for watching movies and occassionally listening to CDs.

Our setup is a Pioneer 50" Plasma, Integra 7.9 Receiver and Revel M22 speakers for left and right channel, C12 center channel and B & W CCM 80 in the rear ceiling.

thanks for the help.
I just purchased a Cambridge audio 650 and am very happy, it replaced a NAD master series player that only lasted 1 year. The sound is not as good on cd's as the NAD was but I bought a stand alone cd player and am very happy
I own the 95 (same video chip as the 93) and it was pulling double duty in my HT & 2ch set ups. I got tired (lazy)of swapping it around and bought a Sony 580 for the HT system and immediately noticed a loss in detail the OPPO offered so based on my limited experience I would say the $500 93 model is a great machine and will offer up a very nice picture for your plasma TV...
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Amen to either the Cambridge or the OPPO

I have the CAMBRIDGE in a discrete stand-alone AV system and my audiophile buddy has the OPPO. They are so, so similar to each other under the hood... Not much to choose between them ....His OPPO may have a small edge in the menu / set-up function
I assume with any of these you should turn the video processing off on the receiver, right? I was looking through the owners manual of my Integra and found you can set the resolution to Auto, 1080p, 1080i, etc or through.


With a 50" Pioneer (KURO?) you will certainly notice the video quality of the Oppo. The Oppo is simply a stunning piece and its for SACD, BluRay, etc is just great. Upscaling is top notch too. I cannot speak for the Cambridge unit, but can certainly give highest marks to the Oppo
I own a Pioneer BDP09 and like it a lot. I was surprised to see one available on Audiogon yesterday for $699. It was $2200 new. Someone will get a great deal! (No, I'm not the seller).
I recommend the Marantz UD5005. Fabulous player. Just got mine about one month ago. Terrific.
Thanks for the help - I decided to go with the Oppo. I liked that I could connect it directly to the TV for video and bypass any processing by the reciever.

The picture is outstanding.