BluOS versus Roon library question

Hi all, I'm currently trying a 30-day trial of Roon through my new PS Audio DSJr. I like Roon a lot but not sure if I like it that much at the cost, plus I prefer not to have a computer running 24/7 for the core. I have read about Bluesound/BluOS being a great app as well and am thinking about giving that a go. I know I can't stream straight to my DSJr with BluOS but since Roon costs $500 for a lifetime license, I could buy a Bluesound Node 2i for the same price and not have to leave a computer on all the time. The main thing Roon provides that I want to keep is the direct library integration between my local music and Tidal. When I browse my Roon Library, all my ripped CDs and my saved Tidal albums are intermixed. This is great because when I want to shuffle through music it makes no difference if it's local or on Tidal. I love the ability to basically mix and match music sources all together. Does anyone know if BluOS has this same kind of functionality? If I have to go to Tidal within BluOS and only listen to music there, separate from my locally stored CD rips, that would probably be a deal killer for me.

Hopefully this hasn't already been answered. I searched the forum here and googled and couldn't find a clear answer to how BluOS handles libraries across "services".

Thanks a lot
It would be best to call Bluesound. They pick up the phone and have excellent service.
I wonder if the BS Vault might be something you could use?
I only own Nodes, so I can give any advice on the Library part.
It's not a Vault thing. I already have my CDs ripped and I can attach them to a Node via USB storage. The question is about my music collection, which Roon calls my Library. It shows me all my music, whether it's my ripped CDs or the Tidal albums I have flagged as favorites, and everything is shown together in one place. Other than a small "T" icon for Tidal on the album artwork, it's basically transparent to me that there is a difference between my CDs and Tidal albums. I don't have to go into a separate Tidal app within Roon to access Tidal. So this isn't about storage of the music, it's about the ability to access all of the music at the same time in one place instead of having to go to one place for Tidal albums and a separate unconnected place for my ripped CDs. 

But perhaps a call to Bluesound will help. I will try that this weekend, if they are open.

Thanks a lot
Bluesound doesn’t do weekends, doesn’t do Holidays, and hasn’t any calls at all for in 3 weeks.  Just sayin
when it was working, it treated my files in my Vault2 and in my NAS as separate folders, even though I had transferred my Vault2 to my NAS.  I seriously doubt that it will integrate your Tidal albums with your or storage sites, but I can’t speak from experience 
What Mahler said.  I have a node 2 and used Bluos for a year and a half before I tried Roon.  Bluos does not do the stuff you want it to and will not provide the user experience managing your content the way Roon does.  It became clear to me within a few days why Roon is successful.  
I would rather not have to rely on my computer at this time for the core to work but I would also rather use Roon than Bluos to control my system.  I plan to eventually run Roon on a linux nas and store the rest of my music there.
Thanks nutella for that feedback, it's exactly what I was looking for. Given your experience, and the fact that Roon 1.6 was just released with a killer new Radio update (Roon Radio now plays tracks that aren't in your library - awesome!), it's definitely a keeper for me.