Bluetooth streaming

Opinions please!
Im streaming Spotify from my iPad to a rocketfish Bluetooth receiver,into a moon 100 d dac,into my preamp.Some music sounds pretty good while other songs just sound bad?I guess my question is ,would a better dac make a difference?Is it possible to clean up this source somewhat,or is this just a bad way to stream music?Thanks in advance!
I have been absolutely delighted and happy with the Auris bluMe Bluetooth DAC. It is a audiophile grade DAC with AKM chip inside. I use Android phone and tablet to stream my music. Highly recommended.
Be warned that Bluetooth is lossy and compressed.
I stream Spotify from my Android tablet through a yamaha blutooth Rx via coax to my NAD M 51 dac and it sounds pretty good but no where near's good for casual listening and I can control play via my tab so it's convenient 
Completely agree with you on bluetooth being lossy and compressed. But you shoud try that with a good Bluetooth DAC and tablet that are both aptX compliant. You will be surprised.
I never heard about the auris,but will check it out!Im addicted to steaming music because it's just so easy!Getting the best sound possible from it is what I'm wanting.Im sure that 40$ RF box is the weak link?
If you love streaming, you owe it to yourself to get the Auris. It has changed "what" I listen to, since it has opened a lot of avenues for me. I used to have a Logitech Bluetooth receiver, which got the job done. But the move to Auris was ear-opening. I have been enthusiastically recommending this $169 DAC, but no one seems to care because Bluetooth is compressed and lossy. Try it out and lst us know what you think.
Take a look at the Audioengine B1.  Have had it for almost a year and quite impressed.  
I pulled the trigger and ordered a Auris!Was a little cheaper than audioengine b1.Both had good reviews.Its got to be better than than rf box I'm using!My dac I have is a moon 100 d.Would you recommend using both the auris and the 100 d together,or only the auris?
I forgot to mention that now-a-days the Auris bluMe comes with USB cable and charger. It was not the case when I originally purchased it.
Please let me know your thoughts on how the Auris sounds when you get yours and install it in the system. Will me more than eager to hear your comments, since there are not too many people on this forum who use this.
ill post something probably in a week or so,giving time to get it and listen.I definitely needed wireless for my upstairs system,so I'm happy to have options out there!

Just got BluMe today.Just a few songs in,sounds better than I expected!My system has depth to it not there before.So far I'm more than impressed!I would think it needs break in time,but out of the box it sounds great!My system sounds more expensive!Thanks for the tip!Even some of the bad songs I complained about sound better!
You are welcome. I am so glad to hear that you liked it. Which means that my recommendations are not bad :-) Did you get the power supply with your Auris?
While it is not the ultimate DAC, the convenience and the sound quality makes up for it. It is hard to convince folks that Bluetooth can sound awesome. Enjoy your music!
The bluMe was better than my moon 100d.The moon was receiving a sub par signal from my RF box though?Im going to try to use the 100 d in the basement on another system.No power supply or USB on the BluMe,its probably the same unit you have.If I can't get good sound downstairs with my moon,I'll sell it and by another BluMe!