Bluetooth Pairing

I’m sure this gets covered occasionally but just wondering if there any new ideas.  I have an Android Phone.  It paired great with Sony WHX Headphones.  I am a Physician and I have to call a few patients a day from the office.  We are required to use an app for these calls that is on our mobile phones so using a land line isn’t an option.  I bought the Sony Ear Buds that are the equivalent on the Headphones, because I didn’t want to mistakenly leave the headphones at work, and the buds are easier to schlep around and yes I listen to music with them during down times.  A month after buying the buds I broke the phone and replaced it with the latest model of the same phone and while it pairs with the Headphones I have tried everything to get it to pair with the buds to no avail.  I’ve tried every suggestion on the net, including sacrificing goats to Apollo and offering my daughter to the Gods (she is 35 years old and didn’t take the suggestion well).     I solved the issue for now by using an old pair of B&W bt headphones that I had moved on from due to lack of comfort that pair well with my phone.  However, I was also using the buds to enhance audio during work Zoom meetings, and I feel self conscious wearing visible headphones for this, and I would like to get use from the buds.  Any ideas?  It’s maddening.