Bluetooth adapter..

I've been streaming to a Bluetooth adapter on my preamp.  I've used $250 ones & $89 ones. None last over a few months. Any one know of a good brand. The Arcam was $250.  Lavaudio was $89.
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Have you tried the Auris bluMe? I have one, but currently not using because I have started using a PC with the DAC. My Auris has the AKM DAC which I really liked.Auris recommends to power off the unit if it not being used.
I've been using an Audioengine B1 for years with no issues 
(other than the insanely bright white power indicator - what were they thinking?). About $190.
I had an Audioengine & it quit also. Different system too.
Haven't tried Auris yet.
Preamp is powered off after use,  tubes
The Logitech has lasted forever. Bluetooth is compressed, compromised. Why in God's name spend any more?