Bluetooth A2DP from outside to my music system

OK, I have a nice system where quality counts, but have a decent sized back yard with outdoor speakers wired to my in house system. While the in house system uses uncompressed music only, for the outside, quality is less of an issue and I would like to use my phone as a source.

There are bluetooth receivers that can pair with my phone (blackberry has 8 gig card full of music) and output an analog signal to my pre/pro.

BUT - I foresee range as an issue (for those in the know, which I am not, my phone is a Class 2 bluetooth device with a 30 foot line of sight range).

I found a bluetooth transmitter/receiver that works with Class 1 bluetooth devices (100 meters, or >300 feet) but that range is limited because bluetooth is a two-way street with a range of the lesser device controlling (i.e., 30 feet sans obstructions...).

Any suggestions? I could always run the analog audio out from the bluetooth receiver a long way to allow the receiver to be placed closer to the backyard, but I plan on adding speakers in the front porch and would like to take advantage of the longer range Class 1.

Or are there bluetooth repeaters that could do the trick?

Or I guess I could use a class 2 to class 1 converter / extender - does one exist?

Or use a class 2 receiver to connect to a class one transmitter and connect that to a 2nd class 1 receiver? That just sounds too complicated...all those pairings and what not...

Anyone wise with the way of the bluetooth able to come up with a way to transmit a cellphone or IPOD type music player's A2DP bluetooth signal over long range?

Any help appreciated.

- Dan