Bluesound Vault & Original CDs

To all of you out there who have a bluesound vault, what did you do with your original CDs after you burned them to the vault? I’ve got over 1000 CDs on my shelves gathering dust with no satisfactory idea of what to do with them. (I’m sure I’m not alone!) 
So, what have all of you done with your CDs? Suggestions please...
Box 'em up with an inventory in a spreadsheet.
Sell any you want purged on Discogs.
I got my collection of 800 plus CD’s stored in garage for over 5 years. Most of them has no monetary value cause they were purchased from Columbia House and BMG Music. I guess at some point they will end up at Goodwill :-)
I have 2,000. They are on large racks along one wall working as diffusers. I guess someday I will get rid of them. Especially since I can’t hear the difference between the CDs, them saved on the streamers hard drive, and Qubuz on my streamer.
I am not going to sell them one at a time... I’d be dead of old age with no change in my financial situation. I guess I need to find a local used store.
After a little thought, I am getting rid of mine. We also have about a thousand DVDs I need to get rid of. It is not like they are a high resolution format like the LP which is likely to come back.
As above- I would be interested in Box Sets and Jazz CDs.
Feel free to send a PM here through Audiogon. 
Thank You.

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I see we are all in the same “boat”!What is a “PM? I have plenty of jazz CDs.

Private Message (email) through the Audiogon system. 
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RIAA says you can play from computer/storage, as long as you keep physical copy (CD).  That way artists royalties are paid.  You can even legally copy your friend's CD as long as you use "Audio CD-R" (that pays royalties).  AFAIK RIAA doesn't bother with individual end-users, being more interested with illegal internet sales, bootlegging CDs etc.

Expanding on the question, being a retired IT director, one of the reasons for my not letting go of the CDs, is back up paranoia - the doomsday scenario of the vault crashing along with the database, and the restore doesn’t work. Note, that I know the vault’s backup/restore works fine because I had to use it to restore all my CDs when my first vault failed and was replaced with a new one. It restored everything perfectly to the new vault. (I also copied the “music“ database from my Mac to an external drive as well, talk about paranoia.) Add to that the emotion of letting go of years and years worth of CD collecting has, so far, prevented me from getting rid of them. 

I have no interest in spending the time to post many of them on Discog, nor do I care about getting any money for them. I know a few friends and family who would be happy to take several in my collection. 

I guess, for me, I have to come to a point where I could, emotionally, just “let go“. I’m sure it would be easy once I get there. I’m assuming many of us are in the same position. 

Save your cds for the folks who will buy them in twenty years who will think cds are retro cool.