Bluesound Vault 2i deleting or changing an album

I just bought a Vault 2i and have been transferring my CD collection but sometimes the CDs are not recognized and are miss label or just says unknown CD, I followed the internet instructions but no luck, any help will be greatly appreciate it, thanks and happy new year
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 It sounds like their CD ID service in not up to thetask.
Email Lenbrook and good luck.
You might ending up ripping the mis ID'd ones with dBpoweramp.
I have that issue sometimes. I just responded to another thread that when it happens, I used a media tag editor (Mediamonkey) to fix any missing covers or info after loading it onto the bluesound. Luckily it's rare that it happens, but the software is easy to use and works very well when needed. I am sure there are others that also work well, this one was recommended to me.