Bluesound Vault 2

Thinking of downloading my cd's onto a music server such as the Blue Sound Vault 2. The downside to the vault seems that ripping with this vault takes about 1/2 the time of the entire cd.  Is there a quicker way to get the music into the vault, such as buying DB Poweramp ripping software to my computer hard Drive and then transfer the files
to the Vault?  Looking for the best possible sound.  Thanks for any suggestions.
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good move.  If the Node doesn’t work out, or if you want to upgrade, then you won’t have to worry about how to transfer files from the Vault in the future.  It can be done, but it isn’t intuitive 
It is simple to back up the Vault with a USB drive. I used an inexpensive USB HD to make backups and restored it to my Zenith when I upgraded which was also a breeze. 
I purchased the Vault 2i and ripped all my CDs. I listen to classical music only and the program is impossible to index by composer. My library is about 30 GB and I have a backup of two days it took to rip my library to which I added some 24/96 downloads thereto. My Vault failed to connect to the internet and support took me through several tests to determine there is something broken on the cable plug to my modem. They said they would send me a replacement but several weeks passed and they are not available by telephone and I have not heard from them.
The fortunate thing is my CDs are ripped in as close to bit perfect as is possible and I play my library from my computer to a USB converter to digital cable and into my vintage MSB Platinum DAC and I suspect this is easier than what the Vault will let me do if I ever get a repair or replacement. On my computer I made my library into a collection of folders with one folder for each composer and works that are in several movements are in sub-folders. My computer automatically puts the composers in alphabetic order for me. I no longer buy CDs because it is better to download. The exception for no longer using discs is 5 channel SACD and vinyl. I will try to put my library in this form into a repaired or replaced Vault if I ever get one and see if it stores it the same way my computer does.