Bluesound Vault 2

Thinking of downloading my cd's onto a music server such as the Blue Sound Vault 2. The downside to the vault seems that ripping with this vault takes about 1/2 the time of the entire cd.  Is there a quicker way to get the music into the vault, such as buying DB Poweramp ripping software to my computer hard Drive and then transfer the files
to the Vault?  Looking for the best possible sound.  Thanks for any suggestions.
As the previous post noted - hard drive failures can be devastating!

I have the Node 2 which streams digital content from my NAS drive.

The NAS drive has RAID mirroring, so if one hard disk in the NAS fails I simply replace the defective hard disk and the RAID software copies all of the mirrored info to the new drive.

This did happen to me when I was using "Standard Grade" hard disks (like those in most computers), so I know it works very well. I now have "Server Grade" Hard disks which are much more reliable - it’s been running for about 5 years no problems - yet :-)

I do backup my music in the event of a catastrophic failure of both NAS hard disks, and it's in the same format, so I simply copy the files back to the repaired NAS drive.

I rip CD’s using DBPoweramp which let’s you know of the rip was "complete" by comparing a generated code to a database that they maintain from other peoples rips

I have ripped directly to the NAS music folder and also copied directly. Re-indexing the library in the Node 2 interface allows access to the new tracks.

I did originally look at the Vault 2, but decided drive failures may be an issue, so I continued using my NAS that had worked well with my previous DAC.

@peporter - re: recording vinyl...

I have recorded tracks from vinyl using a very simple/cheap A-D converter

It records directly to my MAC via USB cable

I tend to simply record a complete side, as opposed to individual tracks. But the UAC222  converter comes with software that will allow you to edit the digital stream (e.g. into tracks). I think it even has a feature to reduce the crackles and pops

Alas, adding album artwork or metadata to go with the track is not  easily done, so I have not tried ...
- I simply store content by artist and album (i.e. in folders) and the Node 2 ’re-index" feature allows the interface to show this info at time of playing.

DO NOT be fooled by it’s frugal looks/price - it is exceptional value and quality.

Regards - Steve
I just purchased a Node 2i and it’s very nice.It is running it into a Yggdrasil A2/5 via SPDIF Wywires and I changed the PC to a Wireworld Electra Mini. I’m bowled over how this thing sounds. The wires are worth more than the 2i.
Qobuz sounds very close depending on material to my PS Audio DS Transport.
I’m having a blast with it. I like getting rid of the computer and the USB cable BS. Use good wires!
The internal DAC is pretty good too. I upgraded my network with an Eero 3 piece router, flawless.

I believe you can back up the Vault to a secondary storage drive via USB to have a fall back should the unit fail.

Has anyone compared this unit to the Innuos ZENMini Mk3?

Yeah I looked at the vault, but I don't trust the all in one rig. I bought the node and I'm going to rip to an external hard drive.