Bluesound Vault 2 VS Mac or PC audio

Hello Guys,

  I'm looking for advise and information from you all in regards to which is the best direction to go with my sound system. I'm pretty sure I will be purchasing a Bluesound Vault 2 next weekend but I am second guessing my decision. The place I buy my hifi equipment from loves these things. I've heard and read pros and cons and now i'm confused. I don't want to be steered to buy something because is puts a bunch of $$$ in the hifi shops pocket. I also don't want to buy something if I'm not 100% positive it's what I want or if there's a better way to do things. If I purchase the Vault 2, I would be able to rip and store cd's or downloads along with stream Hi-Res music. Would I be better off doing this same thing with a Mac or PC computer? Would I get the same sound quality? Not so much concerned about the built in DAC because I'm using an external one. Any info or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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Blusound Vault any day!

I had a Mac + USB SPDIF converter + DAC - now they are gone

Now I just have the Node 2 + NAS drive and the sound quality is superb - it's performance way above it's "snack bracket"

Copy music to the NAS drive from any computer.

Get some good cables and you'll be set

I also have the Powernode 2 on my A/V system - it's also extremely good

I moved from a Mac mini based system to a Bluesound Node 2 about a year ago and what a pleasure it's been to leave all that behind. FWIW, I was all-in. I had licenses for Amarra Symphony w/iRC, Audirvana +, BitPerfect, Fidelia Advanced, HQPlayer, JRMC, and Pure Music. I honestly didn't think the Node 2 would even come close in fidelity to my Mac mini (2012, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD) and fully expected to go back. Happy to say the Node 2 never disappointed. The sound quality is surprisingly good with it's on-board Burr-Brown DAC. The option to use an external DAC is just icing on the cake. I've used 2 of my DACs with the Node 2 .. a Schiit Bifrost Multibit and a Chord Qute EX. Each of these DACs sells for more than the Node 2 and yet the Node 2 holds it's own pretty well. If I hadn't already owned these DACs I seriously doubt I would have purchased one. I agree with @williewonka .. it's performance is most definitely above it's weight-class.
I echo the previous statements, I have a vinyl based setup, but I also had over 400 CD's, I looked around at various options. In the end based upon user feedback I purchased an older Vault 1 with 2TB h/d. I had to run a 100ft ethernet cable from the router in the kitchen to the music room upstairs, I ripped all the CD's (then sold them in one go). The BS app is good but in the end I went with Roon and a 3 month free subscription to Tidal - because they had the 'Masters' - MQA. I still primarily listen to vinyl (listening to D'Angelo - Black Messiah as i type this). But having Tidal and all my CD's at my fingertips is extremely convenient when working etc.  I can also stream to other rooms in the house via apply airplay and to a Klipsch G17 - when i want good portable sound.

Thank you for all the input. This is so helpful. I was and am using a Proceed AVP 2 and the built in DAC until yesterday. I purchased an Ayre Acoustics Codex DAC. I was having a problem with now what I know was my Levinson amp, so my amp, AMP 2 and cables are in the shop for check out. I was given a loner Nakamichi preamp to use which I've been listening to through my Proceed amp since yesterday. I'm using a MacBook with a Tidal HiFi membership which I just subscribed to yesterday. That's what got me thinking if the Vault 2 was there thing to do it invest into a better/newer Mac desktop. I'm feeling much more comfortable in my decision going forward.
I use the Codex with my Node (1). I works great and I love that I can connect to other Nodes in my house.