Bluesound Vault 2 or Node 2?

I am about to upgrade from my Sonos units to a Bluesound Vault 2or Node 2… I have one Sonos 5 remote speaker, a Bridge and a Connect to switch out and want to play/stream HiRes files through my main ARC system.  The Vault 2 appears an attractive way to get some of my CD's organized in a convenient and high quality digital format…

Otherwise I've been using my older Macbook pro as a library and ripper/burner, a digital antique with a dying battery.

I am of the understanding that the Bluesound will need to be hard wired to my wifi router which requires about a 25' cable run which luckily is already installed in the house… unless I spend the $$ for a node.

In the current Sonos system I have one of their inexpensive Bridge units hard wired with 3' of cable wired to the router in my utility room which then links to my other units by way of the Sonos RF broadcast field eliminating the need to use the 25' cable run and extending the RF field towards the far end of my house where the remote speaker is located but rarely used.  It is ok for background music while entertaining etc., not HiFi but also not a high priority.

My 1st concern… Can anyone shed some light on if the 25' cable run to the Vault or Node would be a big liability? The cable which runs though the floor and several walls is a simple Belden network cable, works fine, nothing fancy and not easy to exchange however it may be possible if need be.

Also, since CES has just completed for this year, does anyone know if Sonos or Bluesound announced anything "new and improved" meaning that I should wait for the next generation of either unit?  The Sonos user interface is pretty easy and well thought out, though not 100% reliable in my experience, they also have great customer support.  Bluesound comes highly recommended by my friends in the A/V business however it is unfamiliar to me and as with all software will require some adjustment on my part.

I appreciate your thoughts and ideas on these issues.
There is no need for a hard wired connection to your router. In fact, the wifi connection is stable and robust and is the way I use my Node 2. Of course, a wired connection is an option if you choose. Best of luck. 
The Vault 2 does require an Ethernet connection, but the Node 2 can be used via wifi. Your existing network cable should work absolutely fine with the Vault 2. It all comes down to how you want to store your music. The Vault 2 gives you an easy storage and ripping option built-in. In terms of new and improved, Bluesound supports MQA and will support Roon at the end of the month.
@everest_audio .. thanks for the correction.
Thank you for clarifying.  I like the storage and ripping option… This will be for my ARC system so Is there anything similar or a step better than the Vault 2 that I should be considering? I do have the ARC Ref 9 CD/ DAC as part of  the system.

There are a lot of great audiophile options if you want to go higher than Bluesound as well. We use Melco Digital Music Libraries. The Melco N1A is a very popular unit. There are plenty of pieces as well from companies like Aurender, Lumin and more.
Just wondering drcjj if you use your cd9 as a dac as well?
If so what do you run through it?

I love my cd9 but have only been using it as a CD player.  Sounds wonderful.......


I use my Ref 9 most often as a CD player… I was bit skeptical about my old ARC 100.2 power amps bass response and was thinking of changing out that amp for something more modern until I brought home the Ref 9… It was like having a new CD collection and very mesmerizing tonally with great imaging and depth… if there was bass to be heard on a CD it was suddenly solid, deep and defined… love it!

I Played an old Grace Jones album and was shocked to hear so much going on that prior had been just mulched into the background… I did initially find the settings for the Ref 9 sampling rates etc to be fascinating in the way they had effects on the music but now I just leave in the normal 44.1 mode with the softer filter slope… sounds best to me on most recordings… I found messing with the that option too often to be a distraction from simply enjoying the music… kind of like getting a new subwoofer that I played to loud so I could get my moneys worth out of it until I got tired of overdriving the space and my ears.

So far as the DAC goes, I certainly don't feel I have used it to its potential since I haven't been clear about which direction to go with all the potential options in digital sources, storage etc…  That is why I posted the original question here..

I only have a limited about of time to research and experiment and most my precious free time I just like to like to sit and listen to music…
I have used the DAC with my Sonos player using the Toslink output and have been told that isn't the best way to transfer the data…The DAC does make a difference in realism to my ears along with and AQ power cord for the Sonos unit… but OMG… Cable auditions are the most neurotic part of my HiFi Hobby…

I love having Audiogon as an audio community resource and thanks to all of you who are sharing your thoughts on this matter!

Bluesound Vault 2 Update...

I purchased the Bluesound Vault 2 about 2 weeks ago and have found the sound quality, just using the RCA outputs, and music selections through Tidal, many MQA recordings and many just CD quality, to be quite mesmerizing.  Even some older rock albums that I thought had recording flaws are improved dramatically... Joni Mitchell's Shadows and Light for one.  Newer recordings like Bob James, The New Cool and David Crosby's Croz are are MQA stunning.

Binge listening to older Rock n Roll, Jazz and Blues has been fun!  
Bad recordings are of course still bad.

I haven't yet experimented with using my ARC REF 9 DAC as part of the signal path. I did find setting up the Vault 2 to require contact with Bluesound support which was extremely helpful... once I got through to them. 

Blusound would be better for my use if they had a working support line on weekends... some of us have to work during the week.  I did get weekend help by contacting my salesperson who then put me in touch with Adrian Santana from Bluesound who walked me though an hr long trouble shooting process. He was very patient, knowledgable and with excellent support demeanor.

I do find the the included install and use instructions to be lacking in clarity... They are supposing a user knows what all the icons mean and do with no explanations.  It is true that I am learning as I get it to function however, when the prompt comes up to add a player it wants to go wireless even though my unit is hardwired and doesn't show up as available to launch 10-20% of the time. I have several Wifi networks due to the way xfinity bundle cable modem/routers are designed which seems to cause the Bluesound to get confused even though it is CAT6 hardwired to that router.
All in all..  Bluesound hardware appears very well made and sounds amazing.  A fine sonic upgrade from my Sonos when I can get it to work.

The probable compatibility and/or software issue unique to my situation is frustrating..,. this requires closing the Bluos app, powering off all the units, including removing the routers backup battery while up on a ladder in the basement under the floor with my listening room above it.. and restarting everything... it's a mystery and a hassle.

I am not thrilled with this time wasting ongoing troubleshooting process but I am not sure what to do other than put up with it until I understand the problem better. It was working great last night and then this morning... nothing.  All I did was mute the preamp, turn off the power amp and let my iPad go to sleep while recharging.

If any of you have similar experiences or thoughts regarding a solution I'd love to hear about it.  

Of course, it tends to lockup/disappear mostly on weekends when I have time to listen.  I made it though all of last week and last night without problems, but today, Sunday, it has once again become invisible to the app.

Many Thanks to the help desk and Brandon at Bluesound for walking me through understanding the WiFi network problems in my home... above and beyond the call of duty.

Now after MUCH patience on Brandon's part as well my own... the Vault 2 seems to work flawlessly... an occasional rare drop out from Tidal possibly caused by connection issues...
Now I am to focus on pursuing a better understanding of navigating the software...

Many Thanks Brandon !