Bluesound vault 2 - load songs other than ripping from cd?

Very interested in the Bluesound Value 2.  
Wondering if it is possible to transfer my digital music to the BS V2 electronically without having to rip all from CD's?  Any advice is much appreciated.... Thanks
.....755 - contact their support or look at their help database - they are both very good

My Vault 2 is automatically pulling my my iTunes collection stored on the same network 
The transfer is done online not directly into the unit.
Find the "Vault2" in you computer files , click it to open 2 files: Music and Rip.
Drag and drop the music from your computer or computer-attached HD into the Music file. Blue light on Vault  will flash red as music is being copied.
When copying is complete open control pgm and tap bars on upper left. Go to Settings- Music library- Reindex music collection.
In a short while your music will be organized and ready to play