BlueSound Stinks(!), anyone?

I am looking for your help.  We recently switched from Sonos to BlueSound to get higher streaming rates.  So far we have had consistent problems and issues(!!).  Specifically, about 50% of the time my and my wife's BlueSound app does not recognize the Node 2i's.  When I delete the app, reinstall it and reconnect the Nodes, we again have the same problems at least 50% of the time.  It is simply a joke of a product and I find we are not alone.  I have tried just about everything.

Also, when I go online to get help, I find that I am not alone and there is a tsunami of negative (to the degree of very hostile) comments about BlueSound and for the most part it is the same issue.  I have tried just about everything and I am about to simply trash/sell mine and go back to Sonos.  If I do go back to Sonos, I will also leave a stream of bad comments on every forum I can since going back to Sonos will represent a big financial loss to me simply because Bluesound is an irresponsible/deceptive company at my expense.

Alternatively, I just want it to reliably work.  Do you you have and advice and/or guidance to get Bluesound to reliably work?  Is there a better alternative to to get higher bit rates thank Bluesound?

Thank you in advance for your help.  Dave

No problem with my Vault 2 either. Never had any issues whatsoever and couldn’t be any easier to set up. The Vault has to be hardwired via ethernet so maybe do the same. The Node is definitely superior as a streamer over the Sonos and speaking with my local shop on the Sonos recently they said the version 2 players do not stream higher than 24-bit (44.1kHz/48kHz, FLAC/ALAC) per Sonos site. If you can go ethernet as it sounds better as well.
I have a node 2i and initially had similar issues. I initially had the bluesound app on my android phone and also on my android tablet. The issue you describe of the app not finding the node seemed to happen when I would switch between devices. I removed the app from my phone and just use my tablet now and I don't really have any issues anymore. 
My Bluesound Node has been bulletproof. Zero issues m very stable, control with iPhone or iPad. I also connected it with Ethernet cable.
My Node 2i was very buggy for the first 2 days (literally).  By the 3rd day, it had upgraded itself twice and since then I have had no problems (except network problems -- my LAN is very stable; my connection to the internet is not.)  When I read comments about other streamers at  similar price point, I read a lot of complaints about whatever App that streamer uses, so problems are not unique to BluOS.
don't give up.... do your research and test it.  Investment of time will yield quality of sound and longer term happiness!  It is a wonderful piece of gear for the price, and the quality is outstanding once you are all set....