Bluesound Powernode

Amazing sound to my Cornwall IV’s… I can’t believe how it matches the speakers, and I’ve had (2) CARY tube amps, many MARANTZ SS amps and receivers, a DYNACO ST-70… just covers all the bases for sound and does it smoothly and clearly with girth to mid bass whenever, loud or soft volume. I might cancel my DecWare order. Haha. The 102 DB seems to love the class D 80 WPC of this direct connection Amp/ DO ALL preamp. Love it!

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Can't say I agree. Fitted the Node with a DC supply and attached a high end. Sounds terrific.

I have an Aurender in my main setup but I use my Vault 2i everyday still.  It has given me 4 years of trouble free ripping and streaming 

Bluesound is in my opinion the best way to get into streaming.  Has a great user interface,  sounds good , low investment 

You have to spend a lot more to do better in my experience 

I’ll be odd one out - while I love the simplicity and reliability of my two Powernodes, and they are ideal for their current setup (powering inwall speakers in a multi room Roon system), I can’t say I loved their sound in my high end setup. I used them for a month on Devore Fidelity Super 8s and later Nines, and they were dark and not especially impressive. 

But for powering the B&W inwalls and working with Roon, they are great and sound much better than the Sonos setup I originally was running.

I had to return the Powernode to the Seller. Too much quirkiness. It was switching the presets on its own, from the HDMI eARC back to radio stations, and giving bad feedback, sound ominous, as I listened.

I switched my mind set from thinking about the Node X, keeping  the Node, and buying a NAD C136BEE instead. Happy 😊 No issues, and the Node covers all three bases including homeplate… other streamers cost more to operate where there are too many subjective variables to waste a bunch of money on DAC streamers that really don’t make that much of a difference for me.