Bluesound Powernode 2

Hello - this is my first post/question, hopefully there's someone out there who's brain I can pick.

I'm looking at the Bluesound Powernode 2 as a possible Roon end point to tidy up my kitchen system. I currently use a SB+ (modded squeezebox) into a Thorens TTA2000 (Class A, 20 - 30 watts or so) which, while sounding rather lovely, is a bit messy given the location, and I can repurpose the SB+ and amp in my office. My question re. the Powernode 2 - is it similar to/bear any family resemblance to the NAD D7050? I bought the NAD unit a few years back and thought it was pretty poor indeed. I'm not anti NAD, indeed I have their M51 in one of my rooms, but am slightly wary of cheaper class D implementations (just my gut/prejudice).

There seems to be a bit of a gap between the Powernode and the next all in one Roon amp solution - Lumin, Auralic or Naim.

Many thanks in advance.
Alternatively, you may want to consider a Chromecast Audio based system.
Thanks willemj but I'm pretty much committed to a singular/simple Roon end point. We use Roon throughout the house and the wife, Kids, granny, nanny etc are all familiar with it. I've no doubt that there are excellent alternatives out there but I'd really rather avoid upsetting and re-educating the various users. I've already got a bad reputation for tweaking/meddling!!!
I don't use a Powernode, just the Node's, but I would expect the quality to be than the NAD.
Even the Dac in my Node is very good for the price.
Also, Bluesound provides excellent customer service- Very fast response and problem solving. The call center is very good, too.
I think they offer a 30 day return.

I have a Node 2 and a Naim Atom. If you are WiFi'ing, the Node 2 is good is an excellent endpoint and I use id around the house via WiFi speakers.

The Naim Atom is the next class above and is an all in one unit, really designed to have speakers attached as it is an amplifier on its own.

For the cost and quality, I'd recommend the Node2 or Powernode if you want that facility.


Thanks B and Adrian, much appreciated. I didn't realise there was a 30 day period so might take advantage of that.

Adrian - one quick question re. the Atom. Do you use it with Roon? If so can you FULLY control it via the Roon app - i.e. turn the unit on and off?

I've played with a Powernode 2 for a couple of days now and, while not in the same system as I had the NAD 7050 (to be honest it's in quite an idiosyncratic one!), I'd say that it's a better amp. Not as joyful or involving as the kit it's replacing (an SB+ (modded squeezebox) and Thorens TTA2000) but I have to remember that this is just the kitchen!

willemj's comment re. Chromecast set me off on a google search and have to say that, should it ever be supported by Roon, I'll be sorely tempted if I ever see a used Densen CastAMP for sale....

Many thanks all.
I have the Powernode 2 on my A/V system, a Node 2 in my 2 channel system and the Pulse Mini for portable music around the garden.

I first bought the Node 2 and was so impressed with the interface and sound quality, that I went out and bought the PowerNode 2 for my A/V system. Last was the Pulse Mini.

I love the interface, I can stream from all the major services, I can stream from my NAS drive, They work from my iTunes music library. I can pair devices or run each with different tracks indepently

I run all the devices from either my Android devices or my windows computer
- Apple computers require a specific wireless router setting to connect properly

I have experienced wireless issues playing 24/192 tracks, but that’s an issue with my router.
Ethernet connections do not have any playback issues

I cannot comment on the other devices mentioned - I’m a "blue guy" all the way

BTW: All of the units I have improve their sound quality when treated to great cables.

Hop that helps
Thanks williewonka.

I don't really have anything of a similar price to make a meaningful comparison with but I'm almost certainly keeping the Bluesound 2 which is a thumbs up of sorts.

Interesting you should say that about cabling as I was quite surprised by the improvement in body that replacing the supplied power cable with a fairly modest upgrade (the always excellent and sensible "Mark Grant") made. I was dubious about whether it would make much difference on such a device but I guess it is plugged in next to the refrigerator!
@egertmic It’s quite understandable that power cables would make such a significant improvements because the Node 2 is so small and therefore, so is its power supply.

A good power cable definitely augments the abilities of the Node 2 power supply.

Good IC’s will also make a significant difference. But it then becomes an issue of how much does one spend on a $600 box.

I had some very expensive IC’s attached and the improvements were amazing,

But where does one "draw the line?
- Is it prudent or sensible to spend 3 times the cost of the box on cables?

Personally - I like to squeeze every ounce of performance out of each component in my system. I also tend to view my cables as components.

Fortunately I am a DIYer so I can afford to have the best cables attached to the Node 2 for a very reasonably priced solution.

Regards - Steve
I just bought a used v.1 powernode for dirt offa eBay and found it to be a decent enough temporary addition to my two-channel setup - rather, a replacement for my former two-channel setup since I sold all of it off to satisfy various unexpected bills of the sort we all loathe.  

I accepted my gf’s offer to take her Marantz 2250b receiver and a pair of Meadowlark Kestrels until such time I am in any position to return to a bonafide “hi-fi” setup.  (I had gifted her both of the above about 6-7 years ago.)  As a stop-gap system it was quite okay but nothing special. 
There's a timing coincidence...I just sold my Powernode2 on ebay yesterday!!!

I was originally concerned that, coming from the same family, it would be a bit like the Nad 7050 which I really didn't get on with. Thankfully it was considerably better, and I probably should have stuck with it, but some upgradeitus (fuelled by  drink or two) saw me buy a used Naim Uniti...

Hope you're able to get back to where you want to be on the hi-fi ladder soon.