Bluesound Powernode

Wasn't sure if this should be here or in Amps/preamps.  Considering this for a small simple system.  Seems to be getting high marks. Anyone with one of these care to share the ups and downs if any?


I only know the Vault And Node.  I did have the Bluesound boom box, forgot what they called that.  It stopped working about 1 day after the  warranty expired when it got hung up in the middle of an update.  So if you ask me, I wouldn’t get the PowerNode for the simple reason that the streamer and integrated amp are shoehorned into one box.  I realize that minimizing the box count is an attractive feature for a small system, but I think that for around $500 (pre pandemic money) you should be able to pick up one of those small integrated amps, which I would then partner with the Node or another small streamer.  Then if something happens to the streamer down the road you replace it without having to replace the whole shebang.

I have a Powernode 2 in a second system, and I think it is a solid recommendation for a "small, simple" system.  First, it is a good sounding unit.  Second, the BluOS interface is very well sorted and user-friendly.

I have mine mated to Elac Debut Reference speakers and I am sometimes surprised at how good it sounds compared to my primary system.  My Powernode has also been dead nuts reliable with both wi-fi and ethernet connections.

Downsides?  Well, the price is now US$949, but the cost of all audio stuff has gone up recently.