Bluesound Node or Audiolab 6000N

I am interested in adding a streaming source to my system.  I will use it to stream high rez music, particularly master quality from Tidal.  It will be connected to my home network via ethernet cable and to my preamp via analog output.  I have no desire for multiroom or whole house integration.

At first I had my eye on the Bluesound Node because the price point was very attractive to me.  However, the Audiolab 6000N is no discounted to $499 which puts it around $100 cheaper the the Bluesound.  Any advice on which one I sound consider?  One thing I've noticed is that the Bluesound has a higher resolution at 384khz vs 192khz for the Audiolab.  Also, an outboard DAC isn't in the plans for the near future, so which streamer has the superior built-in DAC factors into the equation.

Also, if anyone has any other recommendation on streamers in the same price range as the two mentioned above, feel free to chime in.




I want to thank all those who have responded.  Your responses have been helpful.  I apologize that I haven't been able to reply to individual posts. 

I am now leaning heavily towards the Node.

I doubt there will be much, if any significant changes to the Node this year. Maybe some other lines (power node etc). The Gen 3 Node just released last year.

Update - Oct 25 2022 


As of Sept 2022,  Audiolab have upgraded software that now support gapless playback for their newest products, but not the 6000N .


Today (Oct 25 2022) Audiolab support stated that a new software update coming soon will uograde the 6000N to gapless playback.


from Audiolab:

"The Audiolab 6000A Play and Audiolab Omnia now both support Gapless streaming, Audiolab 6000N Play Gapless support coming soon in next Play-Fi update this will be rolled out automatically via the Play-fi app."


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Steve Hughes

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IAG HOUSE, Audiolab

My understanding is that gapless equates to no pause between songs. If you’re listening to say, Nirvana Unplugged (live album), there’s no pause between tracks which helps retain the ambiance of the performance vs being reminded that you’re listening to a recording. More knowledgeable people - feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. Most CD players support gapless play per Google and my recollection.