Bluesound node 2i question

Thanks in advance everyone !  Ready to buy one of these so I called a store in town to see if they have it in stock.  The sales person asked about my router/modem and I told him I use the router supplied by my internet carrier: Century Link.  When I told him I would be connecting to it via WiFi the salesman proceeded to tell me that I would have drop-outs and other issues I really didn’t understand...I’m a newbie to this as I’ve collected records for decades.  My question:  is anybody using a bluesound node 2i with the basic set-up received from your internet carrier ?  How does it work ?  He obviously could have gone ahead and sold me one, so his warning has slowed me to a stop...
stereo i plan on using it with:
Mesa Tigris amp
coincident conquest speakers

oh, and. I still love my Allnic 1201 phono pre and Funk LSD turntable..😏
I currently have a Node 2i in my main rig, and prior to that had one of the original Bluesound Nodes (which is now in my office).   My experience was that via WiFi that it was more stable for CD quality content streamed locally from my NAS than it was for CD quality content streamed from TIDAL.  My decision was to go with a hardwired connection using power line Ethernet adapters (in my case net gear).  These are relatively inexpensive, and in my case very effective.  They provided a rock solid connection with improved SQ to boot.
A 5gHz capable router is a must. I realised this as soon as I hooked up my Node 2i. I
bought a new Verizon router on Ebay and now there's no more buffering and no dropouts.

Wifi Analyzer app is a handy tool to check signal strength. It also indicates if you need to set your router to a channel with less traffic in your neighborhood.

I have the node 2i, and the sound is much better hardwired with an ethernet cable than using wifi. Its an easy test to do.