Bluesound Node 2i Question

Just bought and set-up a Node 2i.  Set-up was real a pain, but after that, it works great and sounds pretty good.  My question is about streaming. We set it up with BluOS on an Ipad.  The Node is connected directly to my amp via analog RCA.

Is the music streaming from my router to the Node, or is it streaming from my Ipad to the Node?    I would have expected to enter my router password, and this was not required in the set-up process.
Depends on your setup. If you using an ethernet cable then no wifi password necessary. Also if you are using bluetooth or airplay you are streaming from the ipad to the node. 
Streams from the router to the Node.  iPad is just for control.  Example, select an album on Tidal, turn the iPad off, music continues playing.

clear as mud, huh?  Both of the above responses are correct, even though they seem contradictory.  Are you using Wi Fi, or Ethernet?
And are you using Bluetooth or Airplay?
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There are a few ways you can set up the node so I will try and clarify my previous post.

First in order to stream from a NAS or online music services such as Tidal, Deezer etc, you must connect to the internet. You can do this by hard wired Ethernet from your router or wirelessly in which case you will need to enter your wifi info and password.

If you wish to use Spotify, the app is not built in to the Node like Tidal but you can utilize Spotify Connect. This requires wifi, but it will hand the stream off to the Node. However you still have to open the Spotify app separately fromthe BluOS app to control it. 

All other music services not supported by Bluesound and or music stored on a device you would use Airplay or Bluetooth.

For Airplay and Bluetooth the stream is casting from your device to the Node, no wifi connection is necessary. This is a nice feature that I did not think I would need until rolling blizzards knocked out our internet. I have an Ipad with it’s own unlimited data plan so I was able to stream from my music services as well as music I have stored on it. Very handy.

Hope this answers some questions.

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Yes set up is a breeze. I am curious to know your thoughts on the user interface. 
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Ethernet cable hardwired to the router was not feasible in my case.  We are using blueteeth, so I have a feeling its streaming from my ipad.  

The user interface is just fine in my opinion.  The only problem I see with the unit is the blue light staring at me. I might need to duct tape it.  
You can shut the lights off in the player settings. 
I dont have my node anymore or else I would look through the app and help you get it configured to your wifi. Perhaps mental could chime in. 
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@tbevan - since you are not using ethernet...

To see your various settings try the following...
  1. Click on the icon that looks like three small horizontal bars at the top left of the Bluesound player screen
  2. go to "Settings" menu item (at the bottom) and under the heading MUSIC LIBRARY you should see the "Network Shares" identified - i.e. if a NAS drive has been setup.
  3. if you have a network share setup AND you are using the Bluesound App to select/play songs then you are connected to you network and you are streaming via the Bluesound App via your network
  4. OTHERWISE - select the "Player" menu item
  5. you will then see the "WiFi" settings - you should be asked to provide a password - i.e. IF your network is secure
  6. if the Wifi is not setup - Configure your WiFi and then you will be streaming via your network
  7. OR - from the Settings screen, you can set Bluetooth to "Manual" or "Disable" which enables you to activate/deactivate manually or Disable Bluetooth in the Player App altogether
The other option is to simply turn off Bluetooth on your iPad and if the Node 2 stops playing music it would be streaming from yout iPad.

The Bluetooth option on the Bluesound when in automatic mode will simply allows it to show up and be selectect from your Bluetooth device - like your iPad.

If you are still uncertain contact Bluesound support - they are very good

Hope that helps
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Bluesound may have great customer service, yet I am still waiting for a reply since I emailed them last Thursday 21st Feb with my query. 
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I got the best service using the Help tab in the App. Inside there is a 'Send Report Request'.
I usually got a response within a day.
They seem to have only 2-3 agents for troubleshooting, so they are probably stretched quite thin.
I have had some issues and they have been pretty patient in trying to diagnose them. For me, the problems seem to be associated with my Watchguard Firewall, though I could believe router configs could also affect the Bluesound App. connectivity.
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I do think in my case its probably something I am doing wrong. Sincere apologies OP for high jacking your forum post a bit. I tried calling them today and they are not in the office until tomorrow. I will try again tomorrow. I think they sound great as I only listen to Internet radio with them, of which there are 2 x Node 100's  and 1 x N150 powernode in the bedroom. I do not know why the N100 connected to my Imac shows the N100 on the BluOS controller for about half an hour, then it just disappears from the screen. If I unplug it it will be on the APP again for about the same 30 minutes then off she disappears from the App. More than frustrating. I am tempted to box them up, except the Powernode and just take out the Auralic Aries Mini from its box and use that instead.
Node on/off feature is accessed by depressing the center play/pause button for approximately 5 seconds.  It will reboot once when turned back on.
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@gdnrbob-I had two call backs from Bluesound, the first they left a message on my voicemail, the second call i answered and the guy did remote assistance on my Imac and fixed my issue, so far. If the problem rears its ugly head  again then he told me to call him and he will give me a list of ethernet boxes they recommend. So far, its been a day and I am happy to say it is working great. I will now say their support service is good. 
 When I first was setting up blue sound ball to I called tech-support a number of times. Is that an email. I never got a response. Was hugely disappointed! I sold my bulk to purchased  M50.2.  Set up was-easier The second time around