Bluesound Node 2I Power Supply Update

Sometimes my audiophile journey leads me to try simply to experience it for myself and to satisfy my own curiosity.  My current interest is the possibility of upgrading the power supply on my Bluesound Node 2i.

It appears that there are three primary options:

(1) Teddy Pardo ($500ish)


(2) PD Creative ($250ish)


(3) LHY ($280ish)

I think the Teddy Pardo upgrade is too rich for my blood and costs almost as much as the Bluesound Node 2i did.  I was leaning towards the PD creative options, but it sounds like the LHY is connected with Alvin from Vinshine Audio and I have a Denafrips Ares II DAC.

In all cases, I would go for the internal board and external power supply.  Any advice for making a choice?


@upshift - It seems like both the PD Creative and LHY are solid options.  I'll probably wait unit I sell my old DAC before making a purchase.

I believe @hilde45 upgraded to LPS on his Node.  Don't recall the name.  There may be other threads on that or he may chime in.  

While I have a different streamer, trying the iFi iPower Elite, comes in 5, 12, 15 and 24 volts. Their marketing claim to fame is "improved Active Noise Cancellation II®  actively cancels all incoming noise.", "Quiet as a Battery", etc. Over time I've noticed a nice dark background and it seems like it might be more quiet between notes vs. the stock wall wart unit.  


PD Creative does not make a linear power supply for U.S. 120 volts, only 240 volts.

On the recommendation of someone fixing, building, and creating audiophile components over 30 years, I bought, new, an ACOPIAN A5MT510 REGULATED POWER SUPPLY 120VAC on Ebay. It was $140 from Florida Industrial Supply. I had to create a cord which connected from it to my Node, but that was a small matter of getting the right end for the PD Creative Board now inside my Node and then attaching some basic wire to it. It was easy.

@dadork 1. Buy PD creative board. 2. Buy linear power supply 3. install board in Node. 4. make sure you have some cord to hook the power supply to the node which involves having the right end. Not more to it than that.

For an update, I sold my old DAC and have reinvested the funds into the LHY power supply upgrade including the linear power supply.  As a Denafrips DAC owner I've really appreciated the customer service approach that Alvin Chee has provided as part of Vinshine Audio and since he's a co-founder of Beatechinik Audio I am happy to make this purchase.

I have received the LHY power supply bundle and done the installation.  I didn't get a night and day difference, but do think that it changed things for the better.  For anyone else that does this, the install went smoothly.  The point of confusion is that the linear power supply had two outputs and I received two different cords.  Without any instructions I just picked one of the outputs and one of the cords.  I was half right.  The two outputs are made to be used in parallel as along as the two connected items don't exceed 3V (if memory serves), but the internal board in the Node 2i was supposed to get the one plug with a blue collar that was a little larger than the other three ends.  I picked the wrong cord, but it seemed to work just fine, but I did make the switch as soon as I heard back from customer support.

@mceljo I had the same dilemma with the two cords.  Never noticed a different sized end on one of them.  I'll have to find the box and check out the other cord. When I contacted Alvin he said the cords were interchangeable and I could use either one.  Maybe I got lucky and choose the right one, lol.  Give the power supply some time to break in and I think you'll hear a pretty nice improvement.  I do.  BTY I tried the PD on another Node that someone else upgraded.  I think the LHY upgrade is just as good and when you figure the cost of the LPS is much cheaper.  I'd highly recommend anyone wanting to try the PSU upgrade using the LHY kit with LPS. I think they'll be very happy.

@marco1 - I reached out to customer support and it sounds like there's been some variation in what cables they have been providing.  I got two cables and I think three of the connectors had the same slightly smaller size that matches the power supply with one being slightly larger (identified with a blue collar) that was the correct fit for the board in the Node 2i.  It seemed to work just find with the wrong one.

Out of curiosity, what does your power supply read?  Mine constantly fluctuates between 5.00 and 5.01 so I think it must be holding at 5.005 causing it to go back and forth.  Sometimes in the early mornings with everything quiet it'll sit at 5.00.

Mine fluctuates between 5.00 and 5.02.  I expect that is normal due to current fluctuations in my house.