Bluesound Node 2i network server/DAC

Does anyone know if you can connect this Bluesound Node 2i to one of your per amps line inputs, and use another Dedicated DAC for CD playback to another line input of the pre amp?  So, one for line 1 and the other for line 2.

I want keep using my original DAC for CD playback only, but want to take advantage of all he features of the Node 2i as well.  Thanks for your responses.  
I’m confused. Why would you think you have to run your CD player thru the Bluesound?  

yes you can put one component on one input and the other on another. unless I'm reading your question wrong.

cd player to your old dac to your line 1input.  your blue sound node 2i to your line 2 input.

I don't want to run my cd player through the bluesound 2i. I have a very good  upsampling DAC that compliments my dedicated CD (turntable) if you will, from the same company (Cambridge Audio) that makes the DAC. So they work just fine together. 

The Node 2i will be dedicated on another Line (2) on my preamp. Just as you stated in your last sentence. The Node 2i has its own internal DAC for Spotify, Tital, (MQA), internet radio,amd my stored Hi Res FLAC files on my PC. I could use the 2i for my exclusive DAC but, don't want to put my Cambridge DAC out of my system.  Capish?
Yes.  The Node 2i has two RCA outs that you can connect directly to your preamp.  That's how I'm using the one in my bedroom system.
 You’ll love title Masters  with the blue sound  MQA DAC