Bluesound Node 2i & KEF LS50 wireless hum/buzz

Hi - 
I recently purchased a BS Node 2i to connect to KEF LS50 wireless speakers. I keep receiving a hum/buzz when playing through Tidal. Has anyone else has this problem?
I have the BS connected via RCA in order to use the DAC in the BS. I've changed interconnects, power cords, outlets, used a Furman power conditioner, just a wall socket, all plugged in the same socket, etc..., and nothing seems to work. 
Bluesound support is a joke. No phone number and I've sent emails roughly a week ago with no response. The outlets in the room were all installed last year and are all grounded. Any help would be appreciated.

I’d at least try using digital out on the Node and see if that clears the hum. Also, try attaching a ground wire between the Node and the KEF’s. 
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Is the hum occurring only with Tidal?
No, the hum is constantly on. I lowered the volume of the Node and it's still there.  I tried all of the cables that came with the Node, unfortunately a digital cable didn't come with and I don't have an extra. I'd like to use the RCA's to hear the difference between the two DAC's.
I've changed outlets again and tried a cheater plug, to no avail. Not sure what else to do here. 
Not really my forte, but how would I attached a ground wire between the Node & the KEF's?
Try taking a scrap piece of speaker wire and touch one end to a metal chassis screw on the Node and the other end to metal chassis screw on the KEF. If that eliminates the hum you’ve got your solution, make it more permanent and you’re good to go. Just make sure you’re bonding metal chassis to metal chassis. Screw heads are a good starting point as they are generally unpainted and therefore good conductors.
Thanks. I finally reached Bluesound support and they suggested doing a factory reset of the speakers and the Node. It worked. Thanks for the tips though.
@skoorb824 ,
Great to hear. A factory reset would be the last thing I would think of doing, in your situation.
Which component reset out of the two do you think solved the problem?
So I sent the Bluesound Node back because the buzzing returned. I received a new one and the same buzzing, so I don't think it's the BS Node. It pops and makes a loud buzzing noise when I connect the AQ interconnects to the KEF's. I've tried using the interconnects that came with the Node, but alas, same buzzing. 
Really at a loss here as to how to fix this. I've ordered a HumX by Ebtech to see if it may be in the power line. If that doesn't work....... When I'm not playing any music at all, you can definitely hear the buzzing.
Any ideas? Could it be the KEF's? 
Hi there, @skoorb824 did you ever figure this out? I was thinking of going after the same set up. 
Solution. Connect your KEF speakers to your BS node by Bluetooth. I have done this and it works a treat. It is not the NS node it is the KEF speakers. I had the same setup and the same problem. I tried a different input (Echo Dot) and encountered the same hum. The workaround it to connect by Bluetooth using the both the BS app and the KEF app, it is a simple Bluetooth setup. 
Hope this helps
Correction NS node, should read BS node. Bluesound Node 2i 
Hello Shifuman, question: how do you connect the KEF (LS50 II wireless) to the Vault or Node 2i? I tried but didn’t succeed ... thanks!
... of course I meant "how do you connect by bluetooth" ...