Bluesound Node 2021 vs Cambridge CXN v2 sonically worth the price difference ?

My Oppo Sonica dac  maybe be toast. It won’t run through the program and locate the streamer despite rebooting etc. I think it’s a part that needs to be replaced, this happened before. 
I stream Tidal Hi-Fi only. I have a set 45 amp and Omega 3xrs. What other units  should I consider ? I have ptsd around connectivity based on the Oppo.

your thoughts are appreciated.
“Worth” is a relative term, and depends on your finances and financial priorities.  I own both the Cambridge and the earlier Node2, and my understanding is the Node2 DAC has been upgraded.  Imo there is no question that the Cambridge is worth the extra outlay.  The DAC is better but more importantly the ability to stream and do Chromecast boosts it into another realm entirely 
node onboard dac isn't the greatest (smooth but dull), dunno if cambridge's is much better
Thankyou both. Luckily my Oppo Sonica only suffered from user error when pairing. All is good again. I love the Sonica and the interface for the app.
I own both the Cambridge and the prior Node2, and my arrangement is the Node2 DAC has been overhauled. Imo there is no doubt that the Cambridge merits the additional cost. The DAC is better yet more critically the capacity to stream and do Chromecast helps it into another domain totally
When you say “pairing”, are we to assume you are using Bluetooth? If so, that’s your first mistake. If not, carry on…



just in case you don't know

wireless can be wifi or bluetooth - they are not equal quality - bluetooth is vastly inferior to a (strong and well received) wifi signal into a streamer