Bluesound node 2 to usb dac

 I’m wondering if there’s a way to connect my bluesound node 2 streamer to usb dac? 
Looks like there’s a Pro-jekt MQA decoding dac at a very reasonable price.
it decodes MQA via usb only.
The node has only rca and optical digital out. I already tried the analog out directly to my preamp- the results is very good, but there’s definitely something very unnatural, I would say “unfinished “ in the sound of crash cymbals, which is also there when node is connected to my non MQA dac. Bluesound does the first level of MQA decoding, but I’m not sure it does the full decoding. Anyway, even if it does, the result is not what I expect from MQA. 
I don’t have that cymbal sound “deficiency “ when I stream non-master albums via Tidal with both outboard dac and bluesound node dac.
As you probably guessed, I’m interested in streaming only, at this point I’m not willing to invest in downloading MQA files.
 I’m still not sure if the MQA has bright future and don’t want to spend at least $1700(m2tech young mk ii ) for MQA dac. 
Mytek Brooklyn has options that I don’t need ( phono, etc), PS audio Junior is too expensive. Anyway, both are above the maximum amount of money that I dedicated to this project $1000.
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@bakalovb - Are you using the stock power cable  and what IC's are you using.

The NODE 2 performs much better with good cables - Power and IC's

I recommend products from KLE Innovations - because they actually work

For IC's - try the gZero3

Any of their power cables are great

I know seems dumb putting cables on a device that costs much less, but they really do work wonders

The onboard AC is very good - if it is allowed to be

I use excellent IC from Zenwave. The PC is Mojo audio. This makes it comparable to R2R Soekris DAC for Tidal streamlining, particularly for mqa but not for my transport feeding cd’s to Soekris DAC. The unusual part, that I did not mention is that such good of the sound for the onboard Bluesound DAC was achieved after connecting to it DakiOm power regulator or whatever this gadget is called. I bought it years ago and used it with my CD player in my other system. After I started using cdp via digital connections to the DAC, I forgot about it. I’m glad didn’t throw it away. It does a good job now with node 2.
Don’t want to offend anyone, but definitely will pass on the advertising for the Australian company.
Will greatly appreciate if someone can help me with suggestions for connecting rca or optical output streamer to DAC with usb input. 
So far, I cannot find anything. 
I was going to recommend the Ayre Codex, and Schiit Gungnir or Yggrsil, but reading your OP, it seems you want an MQA decoding Dac.
For me, I am waiting for the dust to settle before I commit money to this technology. I know some swear to MQA sound reproduction, but I only find it a small upgrade.