Bluesound NODE 2 paired with Benchmark DAC 1?

Has anyone had experience with this pairing. I'm using a 300b amp with Druids IVs

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Thanks Bob,
Softone 6w, with no pre
I have the Benchmark USB DAC1 with the Bluesound Node 2. The pair sound very good, but surprisingly not that much better than the internal Bluesound Node 2 dac. When I switch to about 8 out of 10 MQA albums, the Node 2 sounds the best by itself.

does the Benchmark unfold MQA?
No it does not. When I use it with non-MQA files I think it sounds better than the internal Node 2 DAC. When I play MQA files with the Node 2 (via Tidal) I think the Node 2 edges out the older Benchmark playing the non-MQA files. I really did not expect MQA to sound good at all, so I was surprised that the $500 Node 2 playing MQA files took the streaming signal quality up a couple notches. Though to my ears, not all albums. But even some older material, like Ray Charles, the sound from MQA increased dynamic range, made the soundstage bigger, made tonality ( tones of different instruments seemed more true and believable) smoother across the freq bandwidth and made the music more involving. I know many people have compared MQA to DSD and Hi-Res downloads (thinking FLAC files) and I have not compared these to MQA (so I would not be surprised if they sound better than MQA) but when I stream music....the best sound has come from Tidal MQA on the budget Node 2.
If I were to upgrade to another streaming device or DAC, I might invest in a DAC that would unfold the MQA signal and see if that would make MQA and non-MQA sound better. Something like Ayre DACs. I have heard good things about the Ayre Codex.
For the price of a used Benchmark, the NAD M51 is a significant upgrade sound-wise, and barely more expensive.