Bluesound Node 2 and Node2i with Oppo Sonica DAC

I love the Bluesound Node 2 and 2i.  Great price point and like the easy user interface.  I have run them through different DACs . Currently using an Oppo Sonica DAC.  DAC is fine and much better than the built in DA in Node.  But what comes after Node.  Do I buy another Node, or what would be next?  I find Quboz sounds better than Tidal, but still not good enough to make streaming a solution to replace my CDs and SACDs.  Need to stay below $3000 for a new or used streamer to feed the Oppo DAC.  Or is there another solution?


It will sound as good as an average CDP with better than a Bluesound, which is almost all of them. 

Happy hunting.


Look into Aurender, great streamer and some models come with superb DACs, far better than Oppo. 


Alternatively, get a better DAC and keep Node as a streamer. It has the best interface, IMO better than Aurender. 

I own both

i would get a better dac

otherwise, look at your connection into the node - is it wifi or ethernet? might be worth trying a ethernet cleaner like an etherregen - that made quite a difference in my own system

btw, i have never had the node 2, but i have had (still have) the 2i and the new '3' - i don't think the digital bitstream sound of the 2i vs '3' are any different

Thank you.  I think there will be a new streamer coming first  Sonore seems to make some good unit.  Thanks for all comments and support.  Always helps me move further.