Bluesound - MQA & SACD?

I recently heard a Bluesound Node 2 play some Tidal MQA and Hi Res downloads. The sound was good. I was interested to see the Bluesound Vault 2, which would fulfill most of my digital needs (for the time being), except that does not handl SACD.

Checking the MAQ website, I see a host of playback partners ranging from Pioneer upward. I wonder if anyone knows of a component that streams and stores and handles MQA and SACD.
Right. Guess my question could include DSD or SACD. Think PS Audio and Sony were working along those lines but without regard to MQA. I hearing somd rumbling about MQA, but my impression was positive. No reason not to have it in the arsenal
If you want to play actual SACD disks, an SACD player would be the right choice. They can be ripped but its a real PITA.

If you have DSD files, you're in good shape because there are plenty of DACS that support the format. I think an Ayre Codex would be a great place to start. Id you can afford to spend a little more, a Wadia di322 would be even better. I can't think of anything better for each price point. Also, if you have a CD player, use it just as a transport and plug it into the new DAC. Unless you have an exceptional player, you should notice a big upgrade playing CD's.
What about Bluesound playing MQA files from Tidal Masters? Better than DSD files?
I’ve done a/b listening tests using BlueSound Node 2 comparing original source (sacd, vinyl) against B/S Tidal MQA. Original sources always win out - especially with older stuff. New releases that are MQA-ed through Tidal sound are pretty good, however.