Bluesound Gen 1 sale at Audio Advisor.

For anyone looking to get their feet wet and try a music server/streamer. Audio Advisor is discounting the Gen 1 players. The Gen 1 Node is just $299.

Not a bad price.
I bought my 2 Node (1's), on Ebay.
I would recommend the node 2.  It sounds great and has really good support.  They use individual stereo dacs for each channel (better isolation?) and the software is very good.  Lots of reviews on youtube might help you sort out the different models.  What I gleaned from reviews was the first gen units were very good but many improvements were employed in the gen 2 models

good luck
True dumacker. I use the Node 1's with an Ayre Codex. I listened to both the Node 2 Dac and the Ayre. The Ayre definitely improved the sound reproduction.
In essence, I only use the Bluesound for its' wireless connectivity.
The only drawback to Bluesound is that it only works with 2.5ghz networks. I ended up plugging in a Netgear 5ghz router to the Bluesound in order to get it separated from all the other traffic.-Works like a charm.