Blues /rock: music recommendations?

I find that I really enjoy rock/pop that involves a lot of crossover into BLUES. I like all Dire Straits, but particularly "Brothers in Arms," as well as the Moody Blues. The CD I am currently listening to the most frequently is Steve Winwood's latest, "About Time," which exhibits strong blues influences.
There must be a number of other fine recordings in this rock/blues "genre", (if it qualifies as such!) that I am not aware of. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Robert Bradley's Blacwater Surprise is pretty good ... minor hit "Baby" off the following album: Time To Discover ... Great gravelly voice from the lead singer Robert Bradley, who certainly sounds like he's lived the blues.
Robben Ford and the Blue Line has been in regular rotation in my listening room since about 1992. This is a GREAT record!!

My current favorite Blues Rock tune is by a 22 year old kid from Placerville, California named Jackie Greene. I recently saw him on tour with Susan Tedeschi (also good blues rock) and Solomon Burke and was blown away by this kids talent. His new record called "gone wanderin" sounds like Neil Young at times, but his version of "Messin'With The Kid" is an incredible blues rock tune. Makes me jump up and boogie every time!!!

This kid is talented, playing quitar like SRV, blowin' harp like Neil Young, plays piano and Hammond B-3, plays banjo, and writes all of his own material (messin' is a cover). If it were up to me, he would be the "next big thing"!!!!

I got an autographed CD at the show, but you can buy his record direct from


Allman Brothers Band, "Live at Fillmnore East". Get the new remastered CD, or vinyl, even better. Never beeen improved upon in the genre, to my knowledge.

If you like Dire Straits then you will love JJ Cale. Start out with his cd/album "Troubadour." You'll recognize some of his songs that were covered by various artists (After midnight, Cocaine, Traveling light, They call me the breeze). He is obviously a great writer but his musical arrangements are spectacular; part blues, part Chicago jazz, part Texas swing with wonderful guitar work on every song.
An up and coming blues star is Derick Trucks. He plays the slide with the Allman Bros. right now and also has his own band called the Derick Trucks Band. His band has a really cool sound. Allong with his slide work is a flute and some great percussions.
It occurs to me that all these recommendations don't do a hoot of good if you never get to listen to the tunage ... So (thanks to the wonders of modern technology), as a brief intro to RBBS you can click the following RBBS Amazon link and scroll down to "Listen to Samples" to hear snippets of the first 4-5 tracks using Real Player, Windows Media Player or whatever ... Personal faves are "Baby" (the minor hit) and "You & Me" following. Okay - so not as good as a listening booth experience, but it'll give you a taste.

Think I'll do that for all recommendations from now on.
All of the Ten Years After albums are great. Start with the live album "Undead". Savoy Brown did some great stuff, start with "Raw Sienna". Oh, then there's John Mayall, start with "Jazz Blues Fusion".
Don't forget Humble Pie, "Smokin'" is too good. And, believe it or not, the original incarnation of Fleetwood Mac, with the brilliant Peter Green on guitar was an excellent blues/rock band.
there are so many possibilities. tonight the PBS series on the blues is about the British Invasion and how it was led by the blues. watch it. take lots of notes.
All great recomendations. But, you should check out the North Mississippi Allstars.
Viridian, wow another Ten Years After fan. I used to feel so alone. Bigpowerballs (did I really just key that in?), two words: Jimi Hendrix.
Unsound, if you enjoy Ten Years After, Alvin Lee's girlfriend was one April Lawton. April's band, which made two albums, was called Ramatam. The first, eponymously named, album featured none other than ex-Hendrix drummer Mitch Mitchell. It is worth seeking out as a neat album and as a chronicle of one of the few female axe slingers.
Don't forget Clapton!

"some of this generation is millionairees, I can't even keep decent clothes to wear."
Anything by Rory Gallagher.The double cd "BBC Sessions"is
an excellent intro to this great underrated musician.
Robin Trower - Bridge of Sighs is a good one to get you started.
Gov't Mule
Doyle Bramhall II/(Arc Angels)
Joe Bonamassa
Chris Duarte
As Richingoth suggested, give Arc Angels a try. You really can not go wrong with this one. If you want an oldie, 60's vintage, try Grant Green "Bluesbreakers."
Thanks, everyone. I am enjoying jj kale and also the arc angels,and will continue to explore others you recommended.
I looked at the current top "blues albums" list, and was surprised by the name at the top of the list--John Mellencamp! Yup, good ole' Johnny Cougar. It's called 'Trouble No More." I highly recommend it, but then I've always liked John. I've seen him live in concert a number of times.
Gary MOORE ....Blues for Greenie
Gary MOORE ....Still got the Blues
Allman Brothers..Hittin the Note
In so far as the first two choices are concerned I find them HIGHLY musical and listenable over the long haul...The Allman Brothers CD has been gracing my CD Player for about the last two months - they're back being fronted by two outstanding guitarists namely Warren HAYNES and Derek TRUCKS. (and Greg ALLMAN's vocals aren't too shabby either)
Wow! reading these recommendations is like looking through my own record collection. If you all like everything so far you'll love these artists Jack Semple,(canadian guitar genius!) Storyville and a nuther canuk band Big Sugar
After listening to Steve Winwoods new album,which I think is a very groovy album, i would recommend just about anything by Steely Dan, some 1970's Gino Vanelli, maybe Sade
and the Album "Slow Down" by Keb Mo...none of these artist are what you'd call blues/rock maybe blues/jazz/funk with some Latin grooves thrown in???
Boz Scaggs' first album - with Duane Allman - has a 13 minute jam track "Loan Me a Dime" with an extended guitar duel with Duane on lead. This album is one of my all time favorites.
I would buy some Rory Gallagher. "Live in Europe", "the Irish Tour",or "Live at the BBC" for live music. "Calling card" or "Tattoo" for studio. Make sure you get the re-mastered versions, as the sound is much better.
Reubent did mention Robben Ford in his 10-03-03 post. I 2nd him on this one. I recently got hold of a Robben Ford CD "Talk To Your Daughter". Nice blues rock. Best parts are when his guitar speakes rather than his vocals. Vocals are good too (don't get me wrong!) but the guitar is even better!
Gov't Mule, Storyville, Walter Trout, Chris Duarte, Kenny Wayne Sheperd, SRV, Led Zeppelin, Bill Perry, The Bilhimen Brothers
Robert Cray, early Rolling Stones, Jeff Healey, Johnny Lang, etc.
Doctor John, Bryan Lee and the Jump Street Five, Soulive,
Van Morrison, Little Feat.
You must get some early Fleetwood Mac. Anything with Peter Green who has been called the greatest white Blues guitarist. Peter can sing and play and its hard for me to think of a group that played together as well as the original Mac.

For studio stuff, Then Play On, or Albatross, are classic. For live, Get Live at the Boston Tea Party Part Three. Some great Jams.

I also like the Mac albums with Bob Welch. More pop oriented, but still with a Blues Bent. Future Games, Bare Trees, and Mystery to Me, are all excellent IMO.
Great call Bdgegory,
I love this site!!
Roy Buchanan played the blues like no one else. His song "The Messiah will come again" will make you blue, when you thought you were having a good day!
I'll second the mule. A related band that really cranks is blue floyd. Allen Woody and Matt Abts form the core with help from Marc Ford . Warren plays on Money. Both the 1/31/00 and 1/15/00 shows are great.
I see that Walter Trout was mentioned, excellent choice his live double CD. also Tinsley Ellis, Smokin Joe Kubeck,
Aerosmiths' newest album is blues. Go to, click electric blues 56, this is primairly blues rock, & listen to the choices. You are the best judge.
I grew up playing with a phenominal blues guitar player named Dave Viterna. Dave is still playing some of the tastiest blues I've heard with his band New Rage. He has two CDs available..."Take A Good Look", and "104 Blues". If you're a fan of blues based guitar from the likes of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton and Jimmy Hendrix, then I suspect you'll love Dave's music. Here's a link to some Sound Bites, but pick up a copy of one of Dave's CDs if you can. The sound quality is terrific, and the sound bites don't do his music proper justice.
Dave Alvin's latest CD, Ashgrove, should fit your bill, starting with the title song which pays homage to the blues greats that played this legendary LA venue. It really rocks. The rest of the album is just as good and can be sampled on iTunes.
You also might want to try :
Jar of Flies by Alice In Chains
Can't Look Back by Coco Montoya
Disraeli Gears by Cream - Remastered

They all have other albums as well although A.I.C. went through a lot of player changes through out the course of their times. And of course Cream is Clapton.
Tinsly Ellis is the blues/rock king IMO, too much soul for any one guy. Jimmy Thackery is right up there with him. Ian Moore and Gary Moore (not related) are also good choices. Coco kills but look to his earlier stuff would be my recommendation...his first disc is great but i'm spacing on the name right now.
Jimmie D. Lane- "It's Time" Buddy Guy- "Damm Right I got the Blues" Ry Cooder- "Paradise and Lunch" John Hiatt- Greatest Hits The Black Keys- "Rubber Factory John Mayhall Bluesbreakers w/Eric Clapton
'Layla' by Dereck and the Dominoes with Clapton and Duane Allman. Later Janis Joplin. A new one, that I have only heard one cut from, is 'I'm A Bluesman' by Johnny Winter.
Can you tell that I really like this genre ?
Johnny Winter...especially Alive & Well album
Jimmy Thackery
Danny Gatton
Luther "Guitar Junior" Johnson
Stevie Ray Vaughn

BOZ SCAGGS Anthology.

This double CD is a must have.
I been listening for two days and it gets better and better.
Makes my stereo sound good too.
COLOSSEUM LIVE March 1971, Dave "Clem" Clempson rules
Humble Pie: "SmokinĀ“" 1972 Clempson rules

Be careful, these are HEAVY STUFF

He was voted for 4th best guitarist in NME, right after JH, EC and JB.
You will not be disappointed.
Robin Trower: "Bridge of Signs" 1974