Blues Lovers Take Note: George Mitchell Collection

i have been surprised that no one here has mentioned The George Mitchell Collection on Fat Possum Records (or at least I haven't seen it). This is a set of 45 7" records (playable at 33 1/3). These are field recordings made by George Mitchell in the early 1960s of little known blues musicians in the South. The sound quality is amazingly good considering, and you are not likely to find a more "authentic" set of old blues recordings. The box set includes a booklet with liner notes on each record, and it is a fascinating history lesson itself.

I believe that these are being sold as a limited edition, so now that I have mine, I thought I should share the information. I have no affiliation with Fat Possum Records, just a happy customer.

Here's a link:
Appreciate the info.
I would order it now on vinyl, but I'll have to wait until it cools down here in Las Vegas. Its running about 108 degrees here and I don't think that they would survive a couple of hours in my mailbox! Thanks for the headsup!