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I have found that postings music is a good way to listen to all the music in your collection.  I have neglected the ultimate source of much of the music I post.  This tread corrects that oversight.  All Blues post are welcome.  I will concentrate on the Delta.
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Jr. Wells and Buddy Guy...Mentioned herea few times - Chicawgo Blues, by way of Delta migration.
My favorite was not mentioned: "Messsin' With The Kid," which has become a classic:  On multiple albums, with and w/o Buddy Guy.
Another favorite, not mentioned: Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee: From the Album Midnight Special.
(They didn't like each other, after a few years, but proceeded to play together for the next 20 or so years...) 
Not mentioned is the fact that life was hard for some of these musicians because of the lifestyle they lived - their circumstances and times. It is amazing that some of these musicians lived as long as they did.  At a concert I produced with fellow SCA members at UCLA, James Cotton got so drunk he couldn't stand up, but wouldn't leave the stage when his time was up. Falling down drunk, he kept playing a mean harmonica, and we had to pull the plug on him, literally, to get buddy guy and albert collins on stage...
The Holmes Brothers

Stony Plain   1995
Don't Spare Your Sword

Basement Blues

Rounder 1997

Train Song

Start Stoppin'

There's a Train

Rounder   1993

Walk in the Light

I found a Winner

Two perhaps not as well known.  Both these sets were recorded at a time when the blues were resurgent and new young talent was paying tribute to those who set the tone of what would become Chicago Blues or for most of us on the "southside" "The Blues"  The fathers and sons album partially recorded  at Sulliavan and Adler's acoustically perfect,  Auditorium Theatre  in Chicago at what was called  Super Cosmic Joy Scout Jamboree: Muddy, Otis, Bloomfield, Butterfield, Dunn, Boooker, Lay and other guests.  (yeah I was lucky enough to be there).    Another is the two volume set of Fleetwwood Mac with Willie Dixon (IMHO the best Blues songwriter), Otis Span, Big Walter, Honeyboy Edwards, Buddy Guy, SP Leary,  and a few drop-ins,  recorded at Chess Studios in 69 and released under various names as" Fleetwood Mac in Chicago", "Get off in Chicago", "Blues Jam in Chicago" etc. "  This was Fleetwwood Mac (Green, Kewin, Spenser, McVie and Fleetwood) not the pop band line-up.
Michael Hill's Blues Mob


Alligator Records  1996

Blues from the Bronx???  

Lost in the Sauce

She's Gone

Rest in Peace

Earl Hooker


Paula Records  1991

Excerpts from the Notes: "Before the age of ten while Earl Hooker and his family lived in Clarksdale, Mississippi, Earl taught himself to play the guitar.  At the age of ten his family moved to Chicago.  That following year he attended Lyon and Healy Music School...In the early 1940's he occasionally worked the streets for tips with Bo Diddley and others.... In 1949 he toured for several years with Ike Turner's group throughout Tennessee, Mississippi and Florida...frequently appeared with Sonny Boy Williamson on the King Biscuit Time on radio station KFFA in Helena, Arkansas...In 1965 he appeared with the Beatles on the Ready Steady Go show on BBC-TV...  He was thought to be one of the finest but underappreciated guitarists in modern Blues music.  Earl Zebedee Hooker died of tuberculosis in Chicago, April 21, 1970 at the age of 40."

Calling all Blues

Blue Guitar

Swear to Tell the Truth

Blues in D natural