Bluenote stibbert vs. modified units

Has anyone done a comparison with the highly regarded Bluenote Stibbert (I would buy a used one) against any of the modified units under $4000? Is there anyone in Chicago who might have the Bluenote that I can listen to? Bob
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the bluenote sounds great, but in all honesty the difference between most 4k players and many 2k players is extremely small. depending on what you use now, you may be throwing money away.
Has anyone else heard the Bluenote?
The Bluenote stuff sounds good, but I can think of other players that offer better reliability and track records...
I have had the tube Stibbert for over a year without a problem.
The player sounds wonderfull and yes I have tried quite a few in 30 years.
Good Luck.Bob
Thanks for your responses Tpk and Bob. Tpk have you heard the Bluenote? Which other gear were you thinking of regarding track record. Bob, do you use the Sound fusion stand? Bob A
Hi Baranyi,
Yes i do use the sound fusion isolation kit and it makes quite a difference as well as two of my audiophile friends noticed.
My friend sold his latest version of the Lector 7 series and ended up with the Stibbert with the sound fusion kit.
Best Regards,Bob
I have heard the Lector and to my ears it did many things right in an audiophile type of way such as soundstaging, dynamics etc. My wife is a singer and I listened to a CD of her that I know very well on the Lector. On the Lector, her voice did not sound like her. It was like I was listening to another female singer so I felt that it was off a bit tonally. Bob
I finally did buy a Stibbert and the sound is as good as many on these boards have said. I was wondering what was the latest thought on power cords and replacement tubes. BobF has already given me some great tips but I was wondering what others were using. Bob
I use Ediswan CV2492 or Philips E88CC SQ (Holland Plant)Both excellent tubes. The Sound Fusion suspension kit is a must. Enjoy the Stibbert.
Fazoid, which grade of the Ediswans did you choose? I do hae the sound fusion kit. I do not have the vibe 2 on the top of the player. Is that essential? Bob
Bob, Platinum grade. Had a chance to get the Vibe 2 on the cheap and let it get buy so I use a Mapleshade Heavyhat on top with good results.