Bluenote Stibbert vs. Electrocompaniet 1-UP

Hi all,

I'm looking to make some changes in my system and I need some help. My system consists of:

Electrocompaniet 1-UP CD player, its had all the latest modifications
Arcam DV27 DVD player
Classe ssp300 Preamp
Cary Cinema 5 Amp
Talon Audio Raven and Khites
BPT Signature powerconditioner
A mix of Virtual dynamics Master and David cables.

My system sound great, better than any system I've heard in a dealer shop. However, it seems a bit warm, lush and there may be a bit of bloat in the lower octaves. I've repositioned my speakers several times trying to get the lower octaves to be sharper and tighter.

I think the issue may be with the cd player. Can anyone compare my Electrocompaniet to the non-tubed version of the newest Stibbert? Or are there other recommendations?


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Try a Krell CDP. That will get rid of the warm lush sound!
I can't tell you the differences between the Stibbert vs. EC but I can tell you the differences between the Lector 7Ti and new tubed Stibbert. The Lector is a musical player, that's it. It is DARK sounding and a bit slow. The new improved tubed Stibbert, once you place NOS tubes and a good AC cord, has been a revelation. it is fast, open, detailed without being etched, and sings with the best I've herd so far.
Again, not a direct answer to your question but hope this helps.