Bluenote Integrated Amp - Any experience?

Has anyone spent any significant time with any of Bluenote's integrated amps? Any observations?

they sound great, but their distribution, reliability, and resale value are all valid questions as well.

Care to elaborate on your listening experiences with the Bluenote integrateds? What model(s) did you listen to, what ancillary equipment, etc.? Thanks for the insight.

a demidoff integrated... a huge amp. i listened to it for around two months, and though it did everything right, i couldn't see keeping it. i was looking to displace my revox stuff, which i do from time to time, in weak moments. it powered castle harlechs and gradient revolutions. as far as sound goes, i would compare it to an electrocompaniet, or primare(smooth as silk) ...which is a complement. my only concern would be service....not because they are known to be troublesome, but because their presence in the US is minimal.