Blue & White pixel like spots banding accross CRT

I have a Sony DVPS9000 connected directly to a 36" XBR250 using good quality component video cables (well, actually- one Audioquest composite video cable & two Monster Composites). Anyway- I'm getting multiple arcs of white & blue pixel like dots across my screen, about 2-3" apart from each other, in banding rows, almost like a rainbow. They are barely noticable if you look for them at 14 ft. They are obvious at point blank range-7ft. My DVD player has gotten about four years of heavy use. The 9000 is also having a tough time reaching the end of my scratchy Netflix rentals, sometimes locking at a 13:00 error code. The unit has never been serviced. Thanks for your input.
I think your answer is in your question, have it serviced!
IMHO it is worth getting repaired even if it costs a bit of cash. You can always try a new cable just incase but with your claim it has heavy use with abused discs I would just put it in for service.
If you bought it new, it may still be in warranty. The ES Sony gear carries a full 5 year warranty.

Worth checking even if I'm wrong. Free is preferable to paying for service and part of the reason this unit was priced near $1000.00 (discount) when new.