Blue Train, SACD or DVD-A

Can anyone comment on whether one is better than the other?
Which ever media has the most music you actually like to listen to? SACD development has slowed to a crawl and both SACD and DVD-A can be had with a new universal player.

What price range also are you looking at because the EMM gear is outstanding but $$$
Cytocycle, Snipes is asking feedback on a particular release called "Blue Train" not a player per se.
An BTW, SACD hasn't been that crawling! It's slow compared to CD for sure. However, if you were to look at how many new releases there are per month, you would be surprised.
I used to remember how slow the CD releases were in the late 70's and early 80's...
Gaudio_eek: thanks for the correction. I was referring to the fact that Sony has stopped investing in the developement and promotion of SACD recently. More independent lables are producing SACD's now than Sony.
How about hearing from anyone who has either the DVD-A or SACD versions of the disk? I have a couple DVD-A's, but just picked up a universal player so I'm tempted to try the SACD version. I am curious if one version was better than the other.
I can't say on this title but in a recent A-B comparison with the Michael Oldfield Tubular Bells the DVD-A mix was quite different in mix than the SACD but I thing the SACD sounded more natural and the DVD-A sounded more "effect oriented"
My vote would lean towards the SACD
I have the Classic Records DAD 24/96 version and it's excellent. If you're into JC, and can find a copy grab it.
I was at AES show recently (Audio Engineering Society) and there they announced, and I saw the first non-Sony full DSD recording system, called 'Sonoma'. Many engineers were very curious, as there was seemingly a buzz around the direct DSD system that could now be purchased outside the Sony's grip. The pro-toolsHD system that is commonly used for high-def recording among a few others is the competition, but uses PCM architecture. The new sonoma system is a good indication that SACD/DSD could get a shot in the arm in the 'everyman can record with it' sense. - There are just to many curious engineer/producers/musicians that'll want to try the new (multitrack DSD) system!
I have the SACD version of this disc and think it sounds great. I cannot speak to the DVD-A version though.