Blue Train on DVD -A

I'm thinking about picking up Coltrane's classic. Has anyone heard the DVD-A mix and how does it compare to the regular CD? If the CD would be a better choice, are there different remaster's out there and which one should I pick up.

I have not heard the DVD-A mix of Blue Train, but unless you just have to have a surround mix version of it, I can't imagine how the DVD-A mix in stereo could be any better than the Classic Records DAD (Digital Audio Disc) version. I have several DAD's and everyone of them is outstanding. Of course some are better than others, reflecting the quality of the original master tapes. The masters for Blue Train have a great pedigree, they were originally recorded by Rudy Van Gelder.

DAD's are 24/96 remasters, that can only be played on a DVD player. In order to get the full effect of their fidelity, your DVD player must be able to output 24/96 signals from the coaxial digital output. Almost all, or maybe all of Pioneer's DVD players from the last several years are capable of doing that, and there are a lot of other DVD's that have that capability also. You will have to check your DVD player to find out.

DAD's are a great format, and one which will probably fade away. I find the sound as good or better than DVD-A, and prefer the DAD's because they are so simple to use compared to DVD-Audio. If you turn on your TV monitor to the DVD input the DAD will display the track that is being played.

You can order them direct from Classic Records at: