Blue-spec CD format

Just read some interesting hype on the Sony Blue-spec CD on the Blue Ray web page

Does any one know more than what is on the web page?
here's a blurb from audioholics:

sounds interesting, especially since no new hardware is required. i can't wait for the redbook vs. blue-spec debates.
If it is simply a higher quality CD then it will presumably track more precisely (less laser adjustments) and may also have less read errors that require correcting or in the worst case of a total inability to error correct - simple interpolation. In theory this will have no affect on jitter unless the activities of the transport mechanism servos are inducing jitter onto the DAC (via the powersupply rails or through EM/RF). Since induced jitter is more common in cheaper CD players perhaps this could result in an improvement for those players.
it would be a lot better if Sony decided to apply this manufacturing upgrade to next-gen SACDs rather than to 20th century Compact Disc format.

It's like upgrading the DVD manufacturing process, when we have high resolution Blu-Ray format, it wouldn't make any sense, we live in XXI century and you can watch your movies in HD, so why we even bother with upgrading low resolution CDs from from 1982 ?? Can't we (music fans) have a high resolution format as well (SACD)???