Blue Smoke Entertainment System

After the rave reviews at CES this year, anyone have hands on experience with the Blue Smoke Server.
Your impressions, Please.
No love on the Blue Smoke ?
I just got mine and it is spectacular through an MSB dac. I have a tact that I'm going to try, as well as the new berkely.

David Shapiro
Hi Dave,
Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Can you shoot me a email please?
I would like to pass my # along to discuss more in detail.
I've had the setup for about a month now. I'm currently using the new Berkely Audio Alpha DAC. The performance of the two together is, in a word, spectacular. Resolution, dynamics, bass, it's all there. No digital harshness or glare, which is something the MBL electronics have been accused of in the past. I'm using a Samsung touch tablewt as remote control and the music is archioved on an HP Raid server. The playback GUI is Windows Media Center which is OK. I'm told that somebody is writing Apple's Front Row as a Windows-based touchscreen GUI. Now THAT will be great!
I've had some well-regarded gear in the past, but nothing like this.

Are the files stored in FLAC for the Blue Smoke black box? I am going to audition the Berkeley Audio DAC tomorrow and thus I'm interested.

What is the sblue smoke server? on PC? What it does?how are the files stored on the blue smoke?