Blue Ray that Plays rented Movies????

Hi All. I have a Samsung Blue Ray Player, we have had for a year or so. In fact we probably just got done paying it off. lol

Anyway, it plays all our home movies great! Plays both DVD and Blue Ray with very quick processing, which I am happy with. It also streams off NetFlicks great as well.

However if I rent a movie, and it has the slightest imperfection, it sticks, and the screen freezes and you just hear a tick tick tick sound as the disc goes round and round. We can play the same movie in our old DVD player and watch it without a hickup!

Is there another player I might be able to use, that wont be so critical, Were about at the point of hooking up the old DVD player, and just skipping using the Blue Ray with rented movies, as I have not seen one in years, that does not freeze at least once since I have owned this.
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I have not had that problem with any of the players I have but, then again, I tend to rent only BR discs. If you have a DVD player that works for this, use it as I do not think there is a statistically reliable recommendation possible.

I recently purchased a BR movie on Amazon. The purchase automatically gave me 30 day access on line to that BR movie. However, it would only stream to my BR players, not my Sony TV connected via Sony's internet interface.
I haven't had many problems with my LG almost 2 years). Although when I do I wash the disc and it plays fine. I rent movies from Netflix and Red Box.
I find that my Oppo players (BDP-83 and BDP-93) will play many discs that my cheap-o Insignia wireless BD player freezes on. So, I'd have to say that you sholuld look into getting one of the Oppo players...

perhaps your samsung needs a lens cleaning, or the rented discs have so many imperfections, that cleaning the disc may help, or there may be some other problem with the samsung that needs attention.

have you brought the player to a tech ?

it is an unusual situation.
No I have not taken it to a tech, Its done this since the day we brought it home from my memory, so just thought it was a normal problem
Buy regular Lemon Pledge in the yellow can and spray the offending disc, wipe it off with a lens cleaning cloth or super soft towel and see if that helps. Pledge fills in fine scratches and usually works like a charm for a few viewings. I use it on my eyeglasses, too for the same reason: fine scratches disappear.

Rental discs are notoriously scratched up whereas your personal discs are likely pristine and that's why they don't hiccup like the rentals.

Get rid of it!

I have a 2009 Samsung BDP3600 and I have the "exact" same issue. About 1 out of 5 new blu-ray dvds will not play. It drives me crazy. Furthermore the function keys, like skip or menu, have never worked. I have a cheap Sony blu-ray player as well and typically a dvd (either blu-ray or standard) that doesn't play on the Samsung plays just fine on the Sony. I had always thought it was the blu-ray DVDs that were the issue, that's not the case.

If the new Oppo BDP-93 was able to stream Pandora (last I looked this was not possible) the Samsung would be gone. The only reason why this is essential is that my wife is unable to figure out how to listen to Pandora via my Mac connected to the preamp; furthermore she would be equally challenged with a Roku box connected on a secondary HDMI port on the LCD. I know, I know....