Blue Ray player with 1080I TV ?

I am a little confused on using a blue ray or hd dvd player with a tv with a 1080I input, does a tv have to have a 1080p rating to get the benifits of the blue ray and hd formats, or can a 1080i get them also ? thanks
No 1080i and Blue Ray or HD-DVD looks amazing... 1080p's only benifit is you sit close to a small screen (typically you have to be at 8' away max on a 50") or have a really large screen (projector). Besides most of the 1080p TV's just upscale 1080i internally.

The big different in the HD Disc formats versus your HD cable or direct tv, is there is no compression (except some of the blue ray discs are still mpeg2 and look 10% better than normal DVD... sony sucks!!) So even 1080i out of one of these players will absolutely smoke your other HD sources... it's truely amazing! has some great articles on this.
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Your comment about most 1080p TV's upscaling 1080i internally is interesting and not something I knew. Does that mean that it's not time to upgrade the TV? I was thinking that to take full advantage of 1080p sources (e.g. Blu Ray) you need a 1080p TV. I know that a 1080i TV will work fine, but I assumed that 1080p was much better still. Which TV's are true 1080p, does it matter, and is this just a matter of little bit of time, or is this likely to be the norm for some time to come?


1080P is not a huge deal unless like Cyto said, you have a big screen, in fact on smaller screen 720P can and is very good.
Caveat emptor re advice: It all depends on viewing distance. The Santa Barbara Sony dealer specializes in the XBR and ES lines; they have LCDs on a wall more or less like pictures at an exhibition, all fed a Blu-ray or HDTV signal. The 1080p displays permit closer viewing without compromising picture quality, thus achieving a more immersive experience with a smaller display. Viewed at the same relatively close distance, 1080p is obviously superior to 1080i. Most viewers sit too far away from too small a screem to achieve the immersive effect a film was intended to have in a theater. For example, SMPTE recommends a 59" 16:9 diagonal for a minimum 30° subtended vieiwing angle at 8'; THX recommends 71.7" for 36° at 8'.

just get a pioneer elite plasma 1080p. thats wut the big dogs got its tight. sit as far away as u r comfortable. if u cant afford the elite u can always get a panasonic or lg plasmas. ... and there it is.... it...
THX has their head up their A**, many could not sit that close and not get a headache.....its all about buying the biggest unit with THX, not the right one for you.