blue ray player that has excellent cd sound?

I am going the reciever dvd player route for music and up the two channel after all this time. I have a really good cd player but am going to subsitute for a Blue Ray player that will give me some good sound. Any ideas?
Oppo BDP-83?
Oppo has a new unit coming shortly - a BD player with their typical high quality DVD performance and all the key audio formats.

I have no first hand experience of it - meaning what I am about to say may well be urban myth - but apparently many BD players don't handle DVDs well at all... not sure about the BD/CD combo

I got a dedicated Oppo for DVD and a dedicated Panasonic for BD - total was under $500

Or you might want to hold on to your CD player until you get a chance to evaluate your new player
Denon has a new universal player coming out. It will be a flagship player for them. Denon DVDA1UDCI. It is going to be rather expensive but revolutionary. You can check it out on their website.
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I have the DENON DVD-3930ci and I have to admit that I am pretty darn impressed with DVD and CD quality... although, I never had a high-end cd player before.... I'm anxously waiting for the new Universal player from Denon, I think it is coming out next month or so!