Blue ray player freezes with DVD ?

I have the new Pioneer Elite BDP-HD1 Blue ray player on loan right now.
The picture and sound quality of this player is absolutely stunning on Blue ray. DVD is converted to 1080p and picture is also very good.
The noise level of the Pioneer is super quiet with it's fan cooling the unit. I have tried the Toshiba HD-DVD but it's fan is way too noisy to use in my room.
When playing a DVD in the Pioneer Blue-ray player the image and sound freezes at times for 1 second. This happenes two to three times a movie which just shouldn't be. This drives me nuts when watching a movie.
The Pioneer Elite DV-59AVI that I have been using does not have this problem.
Anybody else have this problem?
Any thoughts on the new LG super blue which plays both HD formats?
by Rugyboogie
hi Mike;

here is the place to get that info;

Blue Ray Player Forum

i have the Sony Blue Ray player and have not had that issue. i trust all is well with you.
You got to love the results of all the fine copy protection schemes...

Contact Pioneer for a BIOS update and cross your fingers..

+1 on that Mike Suggested
I suspect it is the disc, I have had rental HD DVD's and Blu-rays act funny, especially the dual sided ones....

Does it do this will all your discs or just the one last night??

Thanks for the posts guys.
The player that is on loan to me has a shipping date of Jan 17/07 from Japan.
When playing the DVD movies so far 3 out of 4 freeze up. I have contacted my dealer and he is going to exchange the unit. His store demo unit " has never frozen" so I will give his newer ( March 1) unit a try.

Thanks Mike for the great link. Yes we are are all doing well and are looking forward to a visit to Seattle.