Blue Ray Concert discs

Ok, I finally gave in and ordered the new Oppo Blue Ray player.
Can anyone recommend some good Blue Ray Concert Disc's ?
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What about jazz and chamber music?

Thanks for all the suggestions. I own most of the suggestions on regular DVD except Sherrl Crow and Tom Petty from Soundstage.

Are there any mentioned above that are so awesome in Blue Ray over the DVD that I would buy another version in Blue Ray?
For Floyd freaks, David Gilmore-Remember That Night-Live at The Royal Albert Hall. With guests Crosby and Nash and David Bowie. And of course Richard Wright. His last taped live performance. So sad. Gilmore's riff's are commanding and melodic.

Go to - go to movies - Blue Ray- then music and concert genre - and their list is pretty much all that's out there. The choices are still a bit slim right now, but growing. Sheryl Crowe and John Mayer are both excellent. I'm anxiously awaiting the release of Neil Young's "Archives" in Blue Ray, but hoping the price will be a bit more realistic that the presale price.
Northwoods_maine, I saw the Neil Young Boxed Blue Ray set for $279.
Is the Blu Ray for Video ???
Or is it for the new Audio Quality?