Blue Ray Concert discs

Ok, I finally gave in and ordered the new Oppo Blue Ray player.
Can anyone recommend some good Blue Ray Concert Disc's ?
Jeff Beck Live at Ronnie Scott's is a pretty good one.

Dave Matthews with Tim Reynolds at Radio City Music Hall.

David Gilmour Live at the Royal Albert Hall.

Led Zeppelin This song Remains the Same.

(NIN) Nine Inch Nails Live Beside You in Time.

Elton John at 60. Celine Dion Live in Las Vegas.

The Who Live at Kilburn 1977

These aren't concerts but are still worth getting.

Rent (Original Broadway Cast) The Film version.

Accross the Universe. A Rock Opera featuring Beatles songs.

Rent Live on Broadway (Really good).

That's all I can think of for now.
More please - I just got my Oppo BD-983 and I need to buy some HQ audio discs. Any site that rates BDs?

Soundstage-Stevie Nicks Live is wonderful so is Heart-Alive in Seattle.
Thanks - Ordered the Beck and Heart-Alive BDs :)
The beck BD is great. Here is Imogen Heap with her song Blanket
I never tire of "The Last Waltz", The Band's farewell concert. Can't believe it's been over 30 years, ouch.
Rush - Snakes and Arrows

The Police - Certifiable

Both are excellent and well worth getting.

Z.Z. Top "Live from Texas"
WOW great HQ youtube vid - That Beck BD is going to be awesome :)

Don't meant to steal Ozzy's thread, but any jazz BD recommendations? On the AVS forum Chris Botti Live in Boston was recommended. It does look good, I'll get it for sure. Any others out there with great SQ?

U2 Rattle & Hum. Old but absolutely stunning.
Robbie Williams Live At The Royal Albert Hall is a must have. It is standard Ratpack "swing" stuff but executed superbly and the sound is awesome.
What about jazz and chamber music?

Thanks for all the suggestions. I own most of the suggestions on regular DVD except Sherrl Crow and Tom Petty from Soundstage.

Are there any mentioned above that are so awesome in Blue Ray over the DVD that I would buy another version in Blue Ray?
For Floyd freaks, David Gilmore-Remember That Night-Live at The Royal Albert Hall. With guests Crosby and Nash and David Bowie. And of course Richard Wright. His last taped live performance. So sad. Gilmore's riff's are commanding and melodic.

Go to - go to movies - Blue Ray- then music and concert genre - and their list is pretty much all that's out there. The choices are still a bit slim right now, but growing. Sheryl Crowe and John Mayer are both excellent. I'm anxiously awaiting the release of Neil Young's "Archives" in Blue Ray, but hoping the price will be a bit more realistic that the presale price.
Northwoods_maine, I saw the Neil Young Boxed Blue Ray set for $279.
Is the Blu Ray for Video ???
Or is it for the new Audio Quality?
Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds - Live at Radio City
Blue Ray will die just like SACD did. The average Joe is too cheap to pay the extra bucks for this format. I have had a Blue Ray player for about 8 months now and the amount of concert blue rays being released is at a trickles pace at best. You would think with all the flat panels everyone is buying these days and HD everywhere that artist would be tapping into the wealth of money they could be making by just releasing there shows on Blue Ray. This would be a great alternative to paying a $100 a ticket to go see them live. This has always bugged me even the amount of regular concert dvd releases has been a sucking trickling event. Just my 2 cents on this subject.
Tlg, you may be right. I'm shocked at the lack of content for BD. I thought SACD was dead... until I started looking for BD content. It makes SACD look vibrant!

Guess I'll be downloading HD content and burning my own discs. Seriously thinking about getting a transporter so I can rip to my NAS and play them on my audio system. I does look to me like shiny silver discs are dead and not coming back any time soon.
Can't help but chime in on the recommendation for David Gilmore - Live at The Royal Albert Hall.
Just picked up Sheryl Crow . Awesome sound, better than any SACD I own.
Of course Blu Ray video is great too.
Well, my musical taste is everywhere. For Christmas I received ZZ Top and Beyonce on BluRay. Both are great disks for very different reasons.

ZZ Top is this laid back, small venue, very tightly shot musical performance with three guys, and a microphone stand that has lights on it - and that is all. Great sound. All their hits.

Beyonce is this HUGE mega million production from the Staples Center, with pretty good video and good audio. It really does not show off BluRay very well, but oh the spectical of that concert still amazes me. So over the top!

Here is another site that will help you.
Click on Preferences in the banner, and select your state for shipping estimates, then scroll down to only select BluRay for your search. Then click the browse the aisle banner menu, and select concert/music.

No you can choose a number of BluRay DVDs, and they will tell you what store gives you the lowest cost for your selections.

Hope that helps!

Jeff in Detroit
The Who live at the Isle of Wight.This concert should be played on repeat at the entrance to the rock and roll hall of fame.
The Who live at the Isle of Wight, is this on Blu Ray?
k.d.lang; Live In London. Superb

jewel; The Essential Live Songbook. 2-disc. Superb
Ok, based on many of the suggestions I have ordered Tom Petty, The Who Isle of Wright, Stevie Nicks, Styx, and the Best of Soundstage. I already own Sheryl Crow now, all of these will be in Blu Ray.