Blue Ray Audio?

I'm curious if anyone here has an opinion on blue ray audio players. CD/SACD players I just can't take seriously because of their bit rate limits and the ease with which I can download to NAS  same material or higher resolution formats. DSD on the other hand are huge files (2~3Gb), could make more sense for me to own physical media and a player like the Modwright Oppo. Thoughts ?
I have a small collection of Bluray Audio disc and find them worth it even using a PS3 connected to a high end two channel and multi channel set up. Since the Bluray Audio catalog is still limited, you might consider if you will listen to those that are available. Those from Beck and Tears for Fears are fantastic and, in my opinion and setup, surpasses the sonics of the any other format, including vinyl.
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I own several Blu Ray audio discs and over 100 SACDs and some DVD-A.  Principal player is the Oppo-105
   I wouldn't be dogmatic.  Like anything else, it depends on the engineering of the given recording.  Most of my SACDs are wonderful.  Some of the Blu Rays are jaw dropping but others are more prosaic and not even up to Red Book standards (see Naxos
Leonard Slatkin Blu Ray Audio recordings)
I use a separate player for Blu-Ray Audio discs, a Panasonic BDT-500, and a separate player for SACDs, a SONY SCD 555ES.

Feel pretty much the way mahler123 does about it.